Taylor Fritz breaks his silence on feud between girlfriend Morgan Riddle and Alexander Zverev after...

Taylor Fritz

Taylor Fritz shared what Alexander Zverev said to him right after their intense match at Wimbledon, which quickly turned into a dispute involving the American's partner.

Zverev claimed that members of Fritz's team were being excessive in their celebrations after the No 13 seed made a remarkable comeback from being two sets down on Centre Court.

During and after the match, Morgan Riddle seemed to be targeting the world No 4, who has been accused of abuse. However, he has denied any allegations of wrongdoing.

The two players had a seemingly intense conversation at the net after Fritz's victory. When asked during his interview, Fritz claimed that everything was fine.

Clearly, his knee was bothering him in the fifth set as he seemed to be struggling to move around. I simply hoped for the best for him.

Taylor Fritz has shared the conversation he had with Alexander Zverev after their intense five-set match at Wimbledon.

Fritz shared with the Tennis Channel that Zverev might have been bothered by the loud support from his team.

Popular social media figure Riddle, with a whopping 17.2million likes on TikTok, shared a video on her Instagram account after the game. The clip displayed her joyfully celebrating the victory alongside the message: 'Cheering for the girls when your significant other wins.' However, it seems that the post has since been removed.

Before, during the match, she uploaded a photo of the court to her story and captioned it with 'make some noise ladies.' It seems that post has also been deleted.

Afterwards, Fritz had a discussion with The Tennis Channel where he provided further details about the disagreement.

I believe he was a bit annoyed when my teammates were cheering for me while he was hurt, but he reassured me by saying, "It's not your fault. You all did great..." Oh well, everything is fine.

Fritz said, "I didn't want him to leave."

The man from Germany, who was accused last year in legal papers of hurting a woman in 2020, decided to settle the case last month. He agreed to give $217,820 to Brenda Patea, the mother of his child, but was not found guilty of any wrongdoing (Patea publicly said she was the victim in the case).

Zverev later mentioned that he was bothered by individuals in Fritz's group who possibly do not have a background in tennis.

Zverev stated that his team shows a high level of respect. He believes that his coach, physiotherapist, and second coach are all very respectful.

Zverev claimed that some people in Fritz's box were acting too dramatically during the match.

Riddle also shared a post that said 'shout enthusiastically ladies' while watching the five-set game.

I believe there are some individuals in the audience who may not be tennis enthusiasts and have not been closely following every match. Their reactions were a bit excessive.

In October of last year, the Berlin-Tiergarten court imposed a penalty and fine of approximately $488,000 on Zverev, though he has denied Patea's allegations of abuse. A month afterwards, he dismissed the ruling as 'total nonsense'.

Patea claimed to a German newspaper that Zverev physically restrained her during a heated disagreement. Another former girlfriend of Zverev, Olga Sharypova, has also alleged that he was abusive towards her.

Sharypova accused Zverev of hitting her in the face and suffocating her with a pillow in 2020, but he denied the allegations.

The ATP looked into the allegations (with the help of an external company) for 15 months but did not take any action against Zverev in the end because there was not enough proof.

After reaching an agreement in June, Zverev confidently stated, 'I knew this would happen all along. I made sure everyone knew. I'm relieved that it's finally resolved. No more words needed.'

Following his victory over Zverev with a score of 4-6, 6-7 (4), 6-4, 7-6 (3), 6-3, Fritz will be playing against Lorenzo Musetti. If he wins again, this will be his first time making it to the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament.

Fritz made an impressive comeback at Centre Court to beat Zverev on Monday.

Riddle and Taylor Fritz, who is currently ranked 14th in the world in tennis, have been in a relationship for four years.

After being in a relationship for the last four years, the 26-year-old Fritz and Riddle have solidified their commitment to each other. Riddle has successfully built a name for herself as a well-known creator of online content across various social media platforms.

She often posted photos of herself enjoying Fritz's tournaments, but she recently shared a disturbing experience at the Super Bowl. She described feeling scared after being touched and harassed by male NFL fans.

The social media star shared that her experience at Allegiant Stadium was very nerve-wracking.

Riddle shared her difficult experience on Instagram after the Chiefs and 49ers game, revealing that it led her to have a panic attack in the bathroom in the third quarter.

"I wasn't planning on sharing this, but I feel it's necessary," she stated. "I'm shocked at the amount of harassment we faced from men over the weekend."

Over the past three days, I have experienced unwanted physical contact, inappropriate touching, and persistent verbal harassment while out in public. The situation escalated particularly during today's game.

Riddle has gained a big group of followers on social media by sharing her experiences and adventures related to tennis.

We couldn't even have fun at the game because we were constantly being bothered by drunk, impolite, disgusting male fans. It was very overwhelming and frightening.

Riddle appeared to be enjoying herself on Monday as she happily watched her boyfriend's game from the stands and captured it on her mobile device.

Fritz will go up against Musetti this Wednesday.

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