Super Bowl winners throughout history: Full list from 2024 all the way back to the first in 1967

Super Bowl winners

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In Super Bowl LVIII, Gronkowski and Edelman were in the spotlight. They played a crucial role in the game and their performance was highly anticipated. Gronkowski, the tight end, proved once again why he is a superstar player. He made several impressive catches and contributed to the team's success. Edelman, the wide receiver, also showed off his skills on the field. He made key plays that helped the team maintain its lead. Overall, Gronkowski and Edelman's superb performance helped their team secure the championship title. It was a thrilling game and the two players definitely contributed to its excitement. Fans will be eager to see what they have in store for future games and seasons.

The thrilling conclusion of the Super Bowl 2024 saw the Kansas City Chiefs triumph over the San Francisco 49ers in a nail-biting 25-22 overtime victory. This win secures their status as the 2023 NFL champions.

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and the Chiefs have emerged victorious for the fourth time in the Super Bowl, a remarkable feat in the history of the team. This marks their third triumph in a span of five years.

Here's a comprehensive record of all the teams that have won the Super Bowl since its inception.

Please take note that all the Super Bowls mentioned in this blog are arranged according to the year they were played and not for the season when the team earned the title.

Who Won Last Year's 2023 Super Bowl?

In 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs obtained their third triumph in the Super Bowl competition, which is an achievement that the team is proud of. Moreover, this is the second time that Mahomes, the chief quarterback, helped his squad to gain the championship. It is worth mentioning that within the six years that he has been holding the starting position, he led the team to the AFC Championship game continuously.

The big match, Super Bowl 57, kicked off with the Eagles scoring a touchdown on their first drive to take an early lead of 7-0. However, the Chiefs hit back with a touchdown drive of their own, making it 7-all with an 18-yard catch by Kelce. Both teams struggled on their next drives, but the Eagles managed to pull ahead 14-7 with a long 45-yard pass from Jalen Hurts to A.J. Brown, right at the start of the second quarter.

The offensive team of the Chiefs didn't act fast enough, but Kanas City managed to equalize the score after linebacker Nick Bolton found and took hold of the ball when Hurts fumbled it. He then carried the ball and ran back 36 yards to score a touchdown. On the Eagles' following turn with the ball, they advanced down the field and finished a drive with a Hurts touchdown run, thus giving them a 7-point lead once more. Kansas City failed again to score on their next attempt, while the Eagles kicked a field goal just before halftime, further increasing their lead to 24-14.

During the second half, the Chiefs were able to decrease the difference in score to only three points by scoring a touchdown on their first drive. The Eagles then followed up with a slow-paced drive that led to a field goal, resulting in a score of 27-21 heading into the final quarter.

With just over twelve minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Kansas City team took the lead with a 5-yard touchdown pass from Mahomes to Kadarius Toney. Following this, the Eagles couldn't make it past three plays on their next drive and a punt return of 65 yards by Toney helped the Chiefs get an advantageous field position at the Eagles' 5-yard line. After three additional plays, the Chiefs were able to score another touchdown pass, resulting in an increase in their lead of eight.

However, the Eagles made a strong comeback by scoring a touchdown on their following drive and successfully making a two-point conversion. This tied the game at 35 with only five minutes left on the clock. The Chiefs managed to progress into a position where they could attempt a field goal during their next possession. As the game reached the two-minute warning, they were at the 15-yard line.

On the third down with just 1 minute and 54 seconds to go, Mahomes tried to pass the ball but missed, which indicated that Kansas City might have to try for a field goal. If successful, the Eagles would still have enough time to either tie the game or even win it. Fortunately, James Bradberry from the Eagles committed a defensive holding foul, allowing the Chiefs to gain an additional five yards and most importantly, a first down without any further effort.

The Chiefs got a first down which enabled them to decrease the time remaining on the clock and score a field goal to take the lead by 38-35, only having eight seconds left in the game.

On Eagles' final drive, Hurts hurled a final long pass known as Hail Mary, but unfortunately, it did not reach the intended receiver, and the game was over.

Last 10 Super Bowl Winners?

Super Bowl Winners: Complete List By Year

The information in this article has been revised to rectify a mistake in reference to the Kansas City Chiefs' statistics. Specifically, the team secured their third victory in the Super Bowl in 2023.

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