Stacey Solomon opens up on Joe Swash's plans to be foster parents

Stacey Solomon

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon have been talking about the possibility of becoming foster parents. (Getty Images)

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Stacey Solomon has shared that her partner, Joe Swash, has expressed his desire to become a foster parent after their children have grown up and moved out.

In the latest episode of her home organizing show, "Sort Your Life Out", the star of "Loose Women" had the opportunity to meet a couple who were planning to become foster parents. During the episode, she also discussed her family's plan to grow.

The show touched on a sensitive subject and co-star Dilly Carter formed a connection with the daughters of the family in regards to adoption, causing the audience to become emotional and shed tears.

What, How, And Why?

Stacey Solomon's program, Sort Your Life Out, is famous for being a heartwarming show on television. The last episode was equally impressive, as she encountered Shirley and Martin, who wanted to declutter their home to begin fostering.

The pair had taken in two girls as their own, who are now adults with kids of their own, and Shirley talked with Solomon about her aspiration to foster children.

Stacey Solomon provided assistance to Martin, Shirley, Katherine, and Sarah, according to BBC.

Solomon, who is a mother to five children, confided in Shirley about her husband Joe Swash's aspirations to follow a similar path at some point down the line.

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Solomon expressed amazement at Joe's desire to foster children, as it is a truly admirable undertaking. Joe's upbringing with a foster mother inspired him, and he has made it known that he intends to follow in her footsteps once their children have left the nest. Solomon understands and supports his husband's aspiration.

Afterwards, Swash reached the family's residence to lend a hand and inquired Solomon: "Are these the folks you were talking about earlier who aspire to do foster care?"

She said to him, "This is what we'll look like in 20 years if you attain your objective." Swash responded, "Yes, that's right."

The heartfelt moment made the audience cry as Shirley shared: "I used to believe that becoming a mother was impossible for me."

She explained that she keeps her daughters' childhood belongings because she went through a lot to obtain them, and she doesn't want to throw any of their items away.

In the TV series, there were other actors besides Solomon who disclosed their intention to increase their family size. One of them was Dilly Carter, who connected with the kids of Solomon's family through their shared adoption backgrounds.

The team from Sort Your Life Out had a very touching ending to their series. (BBC)

Carter expressed that having Nelly, his own daughter, was a significant moment for him as she is his only blood relative in the country. He felt a sense of strangeness realizing that she is the only person related to him. Carter added that he has no one else in his life who is related to him.

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Right before shooting the show, Carter had surgery to treat cancer. She informed her family about her condition and expressed her desire to adopt because she could no longer conceive. Carter hopes to complete the adoption process and come full circle in her journey.

A viewer who watched X expressed their thoughts saying "#sortyourlifeout is quite emotional tonight. The family is really beautiful. Dilly needs a gigantic hug from someone. She's a remarkable woman who is facing a tough time."

Another person commented: "Such an emotional episode. Genuine bonding and recovery happening for everyone. It's truly lovely."

One more observer stated: "Such an amazing group of individuals. Crying my eyes out."

What Else Occurred On Sort Your Life Out?

The fourth season of Sort Your Life Out with Stacey Solomon has come to an end on the BBC.

Solomon often takes a no-nonsense approach when it comes to helping families declutter. However, in the latest episode, she revealed that she had been struggling with guilt after requesting that Shirley part ways with her beloved childhood doll, which had lost an eye. It had been causing her sleepless nights.

Shirley shared that when she was younger, she would often hold onto her doll and speak to it in a way that she never did with her mother. She would tell the doll that she will always take care of it and protect it for the rest of her days.

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Finally, Solomon yielded and saved the doll that obtained a fresh eye.

A person left a comment saying, "Bring Shirley's doll to #TheRepairShop!" Another individual chimed in and stated, "I was about to lodge a complaint with ofcom if they threw out the doll!"

Several of Solomon's kids showed up, including Swash with her three youngest children, while her eldest son Zack stayed to assist with do-it-yourself tasks.

A person who enjoys the mentioned subject expressed their admiration for Zack by saying he is a likable and agreeable person. Another spectator commented on how adorable Stacey's kids are, specifically referring to their cuteness. Finally, a third individual complemented the attractiveness of Stacey's baby girl.

Tune in to BBC One on Tuesdays at 9pm to catch Stacey Solomon's show, helping you get your life in order.

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