Spain Diary: Day Three - Watford FC

Spain Diary: Day Three - Watford FC

The Watford squad endured double training on day three (Wednesday November 23) of their camp in Algorfa, Spain, taking part in their most intense sessions so far under the blazing sun.

Up bright and early to tuck into a healthy breakfast, a fast-paced running session took place in the morning around 10am. Returning to the hotel, some players took naps while others enjoyed the weather, with temperatures as high as 26 degrees celsius.

Two who stayed inside however were midfielder Imrân Louza and Head Coach Slaven Bilić, who were cheering on their nations Morocco and Croatia in the World Cup Group F opener. There was no love lost for the duo as the game ended goalless, and Bilić kept a close eye on the other game in the group in the evening, Belgium v Canada.

Soon after their lunch break it was time to head back to the pitches for a more tactical session, with footballs introduced and possession the key.

Dinner was served at 7pm to reward a hardworking day, with players and staff in good spirits. A cake was brought out for birthday boy James Morris, followed by a rendition of Happy Birthday in various languages from the squad, ending the evening on a wholesome note with another busy day ahead on Thursday.

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