Rapper Snoop Dogg quits smoking after years of marijuana use

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, the renowned rapper and hip hop icon, has stated that he will cease his consumption of cannabis.

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Snoop Dogg, who goes by the birth name Calvin Broadus, unexpectedly revealed the news to his fans on his various social media platforms.

He stated that he had put much thought into it and had discussed it with his family, resulting in his decision to quit smoking.

"Kindly give me some space and respect my personal boundaries now."

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The fans had differing opinions regarding the recent news about Snoop Dogg. Some were surprised and found it hard to believe, while others were joking about his sudden decision to be sober.

Ro Marley, the son of the legendary reggae musician Bob Marley, stated that there will be no more barbecues at their uncle's place, as the grilling season has come to an end.

Despite this, a few individuals recounted frightening experiences with misusing cannabis, with one sharing that they had a significant health problem linked to smoking it.

One of Edible Dee's fans mentioned that they suffered from a pulmonary embolism the previous year and had to quit smoking. As a result, they will be consuming more edibles instead. Most people find it difficult to transition like this, especially someone like Edible Dee. Therefore, the fan encouraged Edible Dee to take all the time they need.

Snoop Dogg is widely known for his consistent use of marijuana, which has been a defining characteristic of his career. He frequently integrates the drug into his various business endeavors and public appearances.

Only a few blogs earlier, the hip hop artist shared the news that he and his good friend, the famous chef Martha Stewart, created a range of top-quality bags called 'Best Bud Bags'. These stylish clutches include a lighter and a section for storing marijuana.

Snoop Dogg has attempted to live a drug-free life before. He declared that he was permanently quitting the substance in 2002.

However, he succumbed to his addiction again shortly after, and his effort to maintain a sober lifestyle was ridiculed in the film 40 First Dates starring Adam Sandler.

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Back in 2013, when Snoop Dogg was going by the name Snoop Lion, he revealed in an interview with GQ magazine that he was smoking a massive 80 joints of marijuana daily.

Snoop Dogg gained popularity after featuring on Dr. Dre's album 'The Chronic' in 1992, which had the image of a cannabis plant right at the forefront of the cover.

The rap artist introduced his first-ever album named "Doggystyle" back in 1993. After that, he has unveiled 19 of his albums and gave a power-packed performance at the Superbowl in the year 2022.

According to Frank, a national organization that provides advice on drug misuse, excessive consumption of marijuana can elevate the chances of developing cancer in the lungs.

Additionally, it may lead to prolonged distress, excessive suspicion, and unreal experiences, and can amplify the likelihood of acquiring schizophrenia.

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