Checkers Sixty60 introduces a groundbreaking delivery assurance in South African retail

Checkers Sixty60 introduces a groundbreaking delivery assurance in South African retail

Mercadona has established a new office in Brussels.

Here is a list of the top ten supermarket chains in Bulgaria, ranked by their turnover for the latest full year. The information comes from Retail-Index ( Kaufland & Lidl are leading the way with a turnover of €1.77bln in 2021. Metro C&C and BILLA follow closely behind with turnovers of €435mln and €429mln respectively. T Market and Fantastico round out the top five with turnovers of €198mln and €128mln. Dar and Hit both have turnovers of €20mln, while 345, Kam Market, and Leksi have turnovers ranging from €7mln to €12mln. This data is from 2020 and 2021. Source:

The results of a survey conducted by Which? have shown that almost 50% of supermarket deliveries over the last year had a substitute item included in them. Some of the substitutions identified by consumers included dog chews in place of chicken breasts and strawberries as a replacement for bin liners. These findings highlight the unusual and unexpected substitutions that can occur when shopping for groceries online.

According to reports from local media, Mercadona, a retail company from Spain, has established an office in Brussels in order to widen its reach across Europe. The Spanish newspaper, El Economista, stated that the supermarket chain is keen to establish direct communications with EU bodies that make laws and govern regulations.

SPAR Austria has further strengthened its position as the market leader in 2022. They have a 36.3% market share and generated over €9 billion in food retail sales, representing a 4.7% increase in sales. The SPAR Austria Group's combined sales increased by 7.3% to €18.63 billion across their operations in Austria and seven neighbouring countries, in three different business areas. The Group employs over 91,300 team members and has 3,026 stores, with 1,506 in Austria. This information was sourced from

EuroCommerce is urging the European Commission to act swiftly in response to the new trade negotiation law in France. The organization believes that this law violates EU regulations and has the potential to negatively impact consumers not only in France, but throughout the entire continent. It is crucial that action is taken urgently to address this matter.

Former chief of John Lewis, Andy Street, expressed his concern that it would be a tragic mistake if the retailer changed its ownership model, which has been run by staff for the past 70 years. Street further added that John Lewis is not just another store, but holds a unique significance. Additionally, Retail specialist Mary Portas, in an open letter to John Lewis, has cautioned and stated that the department store has lost its essence.

Workers at the Belgian grocery store chain Delhaize will continue to go on strike until the end of the month, according to trade unions. The new strike notice was filed on Friday by the Christian labor union ACV, according to Hilde Verhelst, the union's secretary. This means that more industrial action is expected in the coming weeks.

FairPrice Group has declared that it will be contributing S$40,000 to MENDAKI while also distributing dates for Iftar during the Ramadan period. FairPrice Group will be providing beverages along with snacks or dates to Muslim customers at 60 of its supermarkets throughout the month-long Ramadan period. This offer will be available from March 23 to April 21. This information comes from the official website of FairPrice Group.

Checkers Sixty60 has introduced a novel delivery guarantee, which is a first among South African retailers. Under the new Service Guarantee, if customers' orders are delivered more than 30 minutes later than the estimated delivery time, Checkers Sixty60 will offer free delivery. Additionally, if less than 80% of a customer's initial products are available, the delivery will also come for free. This announcement marks a significant milestone in the on-demand grocery delivery realm in South Africa.

Trustees overseeing the bankruptcy of Makro in Belgium have successfully auctioned off the inventory from all six of the chain's stores, bringing in over €2 million. Unfortunately, the abandoned stores are becoming increasingly dilapidated. This information was originally reported on

Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof, a group of department stores facing financial troubles, has hired Olivier van den Bossche as their new CEO. Olivier, who has worked with members of the merger group before, is tasked with leading the chain towards growth.

Dino Polska, a retail company from Poland, has announced that their like-for-like sales have grown by 28.5% in their financial year 2022. This led to an increase in their total sales, which includes newly-opened Dino stores, by 48.2%. Their sales reached PLN19.8bln (which is equivalent to €4.22bln). Dino Polska mentioned that their business has almost doubled compared to the previous year, 2020, where their revenue was only PLN10.1bln (€2.15bln).

HelloFresh has announced its intentions to increase its market reach and to provide an even wider selection of weekly meal choices. The company will also be expanding its HelloFresh Market, giving its members the opportunity to add extras to their meal kits, including quick lunches and dessert options. After having successfully rolled out this new service in the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg over the past two years, HelloFresh is looking to continue expanding this feature.

Rewritten: Wakefern Food Corp., a cooperative based in Keasbey, New Jersey, recently announced that Mike Stigers will be their next president. This announcement was made a day after Stigers shared that he would be departing from his role as CEO of retail at United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI). With plenty of experience in the grocery industry, Stigers will become Wakefern's new president on June 1st. He will succeed Joe Sheridan, who will retire from his current position.

Instacart, a major grocery tech company in North America, has unveiled their latest offering for healthcare providers called Instacart Health products. These digital tools aim to support food-based medical treatments accessible for a broader patient population in the US. With Instacart Health products, providers can easily collaborate with their patients and their families to promote better eating habits and deliver nourishing foods.

The CareIt food rescue application has now been launched across all 50 states in America. Originally from Los Angeles, CareIt is a free app created to help businesses connect with nonprofits in order to help tackle the issue of hunger. Its aim is to donate and rescue excess food, reducing the amount of wasted food in America.

Dollar General has expanded its business across the border and entered Mexico. To mark this international milestone, the popular discount retailer opened its first ever store, dubbed Mi Súper Dollar General, in Escobedo, Nuevo León in the beginning of March. This news was reported on

KaleMart24, a new and innovative concept aiming to become the go-to place for convenient healthy food - similar to Whole Foods - has recently announced that it has successfully signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to secure a location measuring 450 square feet inside the Jarry Metro station in Montreal on March 22nd. This marks the company's first location in the Canadian city.

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