Dame Shirley Bassey 'forgot to curtsy' while receiving honour from King

Shirley Bassey

Singer Dame Shirley Bassey was very anxious when she received an award from King Charles. She admitted that she was so nervous that she forgot to do a curtsy.

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The 87-year-old Welsh singer was given a prestigious Companion of Honour title in the latest New Year Honours list for her contributions to music. She was previously honored with the title of dame in 1999.

Following her recognition at Windsor Castle on Tuesday, Dame Shirley expressed that it was her inaugural encounter with Charles as King. She confessed feeling anxious while being honored by the royal compared to performing for him.

She expressed that getting the award from him made her feel more anxious than performing in front of him. Singing has been a part of her life since she was young, so it's more familiar to her.

"I didn't remember to curtsy, so I grabbed his hands instead. It was a reflex."

Dame Shirley Bassey photographed alongside the monarch.

She mentioned that Charles had praised her for her attire, which was a shiny black and white dress designed by Isabell Kristensen.

She mentioned that she inquired about his well-being, to which he responded that he was doing well and complimented her appearance by saying, "You look fantastic."

"He said goodbye and then I hugged him - I know I shouldn't have done that. But I held onto both his hands and said: 'I hope everything goes well for you.'"

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When Dame Shirley was questioned about how she felt being called an icon, she responded by saying: "It can feel good at times, but it can also make me feel lonely and annoyed - especially when I'm at a restaurant and strangers come and sit at my table without being invited."

She mentioned that the most dazzling moment of her life was when she performed for the late Queen at the Royal Variety Performance for the first time.

"I've experienced 7 decades filled with exciting and impressive events," she stated.

I remember the first time I performed for the Queen at the Royal Variety show – it was my debut. I went on to do several more shows for her, but by then I was feeling quite nonchalant about it.

Bassey, along with her daughter Sharon, her grandson Sebastian, and Sebastian's daughter Sofia

When asked who her top diva of all time is, Dame Shirley revealed that Madonna holds that title for her.

She expressed her admiration for Ella Fitzgerald, but noted that she was not a diva like Madonna. Fitzgerald was down-to-earth and approachable, while Madonna was more known for her diva-like behavior.

I never had the chance to meet Maria Callas, who I believe was a true diva. It would have been amazing to meet her and hear her incredible voice.

She mentioned that when she orders room service, she always goes for pink champagne and caviar.

"That's the meal I would choose as my final one - caviar and Rosé champagne."

And if she were a piece of jewelry, she would definitely be a diamond, she noted.

"Diamonds are known for their eternal beauty and lasting value. My birthstone, on the other hand, is the bloodstone which I find to be less appealing. I wish I had been born in a month with a more desirable birthstone like ruby."

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