Shakur Stevenson apologises to three of his 'boxing idols,' including Floyd Mayweather, after his...

Shakur Stevenson

Boxer Shakur Stevenson Apologizes To Idols, Including Mayweather, For Poor Performance And Fan Boos

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After winning in a unanimous decision against Edwin De Los Santos, Shakur Stevenson expressed regret for his actions towards three of his boxing heroes.

The WBC lightweight championship was claimed by the American boxer on Thursday evening after defeating De Los Santos. However, the spectators expressed their dissatisfaction with the fight due to the lack of action by booing.

Stevenson, who hails from Newark, New Jersey, successfully obtained a championship title in his third weight class. He previously won the WBO featherweight championship in 2019 and clinched the WBO junior lightweight championship in 2021.

The fight was scored by Tim Cheatham and Steve Weisfeld, with both judges giving a score of 116-112. David Sutherland had a slightly different score of 115-113.

Although the 26-year-old managed to secure a victory according to the judges' assessment, Stevenson expressed dissatisfaction with his own performance. As a three-division champion, he even went as far as apologizing to three boxing icons.

Shakur Stevenson expressed regret to three of his personal heroes in boxing after defeating Edwin De Los Santos.

During the match between the American fighter and De Los Santos, the crowd expressed their disappointment and dissatisfaction with the fight by booing. However, the American emerged as the victor and claimed the WBC lightweight championship title.

After the match, Stevenson expressed gratitude towards Floyd Mayweather and regretfully apologized to him, as well as to Andre Ward and Terence Crawford.

All of my role models were present to watch my performance, but unfortunately, it was not up to par.

He also showed dissatisfaction with his performance right after the fight.

Stevenson informed journalists that he did not wish to receive any compliments regarding his subpar showing.

"That wasn't typical of me. I had a lot happening at that time. I'm not looking to justify anything. The fight was decent, but my performance fell short of what I expect of myself."

One of Stevenson's good friends, Andre Ward, who was also a two-time world champion, stated that the left-handed boxer didn't seem to have his usual energy and needs to take a break after his lackluster performance.

In the opinion of Andre Ward, a mentor and previous winner, it is necessary for him to return and review his situation, determining what modifications are required.

Tonight he appeared to be a little unenergetic. He will figure out the cause of his low energy.

Shakur Stevenson expressed remorse to the boxing stars who were present at the Edwin De Los Santos bout: "I am grateful to Floyd Mayweather, and I express my regrets to him, Andre Ward, and Terence Crawford. They are all my heroes and attended the event to witness a great match."

Stevenson expressed remorse to Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward (depicted in the picture), and Terence Crawford.

Mayweather was spotted at Stevenson's match against De Los Santos.

. Stevenson expressed his desire to take a break for approximately two months as he has been engaged in training for the last seven months.

He requires rest as he never leaves the gym. He's a top-tier boxer, and for those accustomed to succeeding, a non-dominant feat can be quite unsatisfactory.

Right now, he is dealing with that. However, it is beneficial for him as it humbles him. It serves as a reminder that the game may not always provide favorable outcomes.

Stevenson was pondering over whom to fight next. He expressed a desire to take approximately two months off as he has been under grueling training for the last seven months.

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