Sarah Ferguson divides opinion with This Morning co-hosting stint

Sarah Ferguson

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Opinions about Sarah Ferguson's performance as co-host on This Morning have been divided among viewers. She took over Holly Willoughby's previous position.

On Monday's episode (20 November) of the ITV1 daytime show, the Duchess of York was a guest alongside the show's usual presenters, Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary.

Throughout her short time on the show, the Duchess provided her support for various segments, including teaching viewers how to utilize a defibrillator, offering skin care solutions to combat sun damage, and participating in the popular "Spin to Win" competition where contestants can take a turn at the prize wheel.

Fergie was a highlight of Monday's show as she provided callers with valuable advice regarding their relationships. The segment was highly publicized.

She listed her range of skills as being knowledgeable about first dates, proposals, and anything else one may wish to inquire about.

Two callers who were featured on the show requested Fergie's guidance on how to create sufficient space for their significant others.

She clarified that incorporating the unexpected factor is crucial in reigniting the spark in a romantic relationship. The duchess then disclosed that she utilized the same approach in a past romantic involvement where she left "love notes" for her significant other inside his squash shoes.

The television show This Morning recently featured Dermot O’Leary, Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, and Alison Hammond.

Fergie tied the knot with Prince Andrew in the year 1986 and their marriage came to an end in 1996. The couple is blessed with two daughters named Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

In addition to adding excitement into monotonous relationships, another suggestion given was for the individuals to don some alluring lingerie.

As a result, the audience has expressed their opinions about Fergie's ability to present and her charm on-screen.

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Some people really enjoyed the duchess's humorous side and spur-of-the-moment remarks. One X/Twitter user even commented, saying "I didn't remember how hilarious Fergie is."

Another person expressed their enthusiasm for Fergie hosting This Morning by exclaiming "I absolutely adore that Fergie is presenting on the show!"

Fergie appeared on This Morning to participate in the Spin to Win game.

Nonetheless, some viewers had a less positive response, and one in particular disapproved of her amiable exchange with news analyst Gyles Brandreth.

"Turns on the TV while sipping on a morning coffee, catches Gyles gushing over Fergie, turns it off. #ThisMorning @itv, why do you assume that we're interested in watching this kind of content??" a viewer expressed.

A different review expressed disappointment and foresaw Fergie's hosting to be added to a list of regrettable entertainment moments.

Someone wrote on X/Twitter expressing their dismay, stating, "This is awful. It's likely to be featured on all the shows that showcase the worst Christmas car accidents of the year."

In another part of the show, Ferguson was involved in a section discussing finding new homes for dogs. This comes after she inherited the corgis of the late Queen Elizabeth in the previous year.

Every weekday at 10 am, you can catch This Morning on ITV1 and ITVX.

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