Singer and songwriter Sarah Tavares has died at the age of 45

Sara Tavares

The famous artist, Sarah Tavares, passed away at the age of 45 on November 19. The news was originally reported by SIC Notícias and was later confirmed by Observador. Tavares had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2009, which caused her to take a break from the music scene for eight years. Sadly, she faced various complications in the past few months leading up to her passing.

Sara Tavares was first noticed for her talent on the TV program "Chuva de Estrelas" in 1994. She copied Whitney Houston and won the first season of the show. The following year, she won the Song Festival Award with her song "Chamar a música". She represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest and finished in eighth place. She then forged a unique path in Portuguese music, blending pop and urban styles with her African heritage and personal touch, singing in both Creole and Portuguese to reflect all her influences. She has released several albums, including "Sara Tavares and Scream!" (1996), "Mi Ma Bu" (1999), "Balance" (2005), "Shinti" (2009), and "Fitxadu" (2017), which got her a nomination for the Best Portuguese Roots Music Album at the Latin Grammy Awards. This year, she has debuted new songs from her forthcoming album, including "Grog Debilha," "Paid," and "Presença que Curtido." The latter was released in September.

He incorporated a developing and lasting concern for society to complement his unique and motivating artistic style, resulting in songs that exude constructive pleasantness. Despite their mildness, these tunes are unyielding on issues regarding acceptance, discrimination, sexual liberation (and others), and emphasize a strong sense of community in music-making. They are much more than mere themes or topics for consumption.

The conclusion reached was that Sarah Tavares was highly regarded. As soon as news of her passing was confirmed, many people had strong reactions. She was one of the first individuals to be honored on the show "The Voice of Portugal". The show's four mentors, Antonio Zambogo, Sara Correa, Fernando Daniel, and Sonia Tavares, opened the show with a song in tribute to her.

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Catarina Furtado, the host of the show The Voice, posted a heartfelt tribute to Sarah, a musician who recently passed away. Catarina expressed her sadness and her gratitude for the memories she shared with Sarah, describing her as unique and full of love. She also encourages everyone to listen to Sarah's music and to treasure the beautiful words and melodies she left behind. Catarina also mentioned the song "Solta-se o Beijo," which she co-wrote with João Gil for Ala dos Outubro and Sara Tavares to perform on different occasions.

The President of the Republic has also commented on the passing of the artist. He said, "We first discovered Sara Tavares three decades ago, when she was still a teenager. She participated in a talent competition that helped launch the careers of many of today's well-known performers. Although she's of Portuguese and Cape Verdean heritage, she has always maintained a strong bond with her peers. This has meant participating in various collaborations and dedicating herself to African music and musicians. She released her first album in 1996 and went on to represent Portugal at Eurovision while also receiving a nomination for a Latin Grammy. After a hiatus from her career for health reasons, she released a new album in 2017 and, earlier this year, shared her final song. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa concluded an official statement expressing his sadness and appreciation for her efforts, determination, and commitment to her mission."

Following the news of the passing of Portuguese artist Sara Tavares, who was of Cape Verdean descent, the President of Cape Verde shared a message in which he expressed that the singer would continue to be a guiding force. Jose Maria Neves wrote on his Facebook page that Sara would forever remain with them, illuminating their path with her beautiful words. He bid farewell to his dear friend, saying that her light would continue to shine in the land they call temporary home.

Sarah Tavares, who lived from 1978 to 2023, was a woman with a strong voice that was often at odds with those around her. She was known to be troubled and confrontational, and her personality could be described as a chaotic and squiggly line.

Antonio Costa expressed his sorrow over the premature passing of Sara Tavares, stating that her impressive debut in a talent contest at a young age won the hearts of the Portuguese people. She was widely known for her distinct singing and songwriting style that combined diverse musical elements from various cultural backgrounds. Sara's enduring legacy will be her exceptional voice and infectious smile. Antonio conveyed his deepest sympathies to Sara's loved ones during this difficult time.

The Minister of Culture from Portugal expressed his condolences regarding the passing of Sarah Tavares through a written statement. Tavares' musical style, which merges Cape Verdean and soul influences, serves as an illustration of the importance of being receptive and accepting towards diversity in cultural life. Despite the unfortunate occurrence of her untimely passing, Tavares' impact on creativity and life is even more apparent and noteworthy. This message was shared through a post on a social networking platform by the Ministry spearheaded by Pedro Adao e Silva.

Pedro Abronhosa spoke about Sarah on Radio Observador, mentioning her kind personality and charming smile. The musician from Portugal remembered Sarah as a humble, dedicated, and hardworking person who always fought for the rights of women and African women in particular. Abronhosa praised Sarah for her contribution towards promoting African music in Portugal and Portuguese music with African roots. Sarah's legacy is her talent, which she showcased by winning various TV competitions and continuing to develop her career. She is a promising voice for the future of contemporary African and Portuguese music.

According to Pedro Abronhosa, Sara Tavares has left behind a great example of modesty and humbleness.

Tozi Brito expressed his deep and overwhelming sadness on Observador Radio, stating that Sara Tavares had been going through a great deal of suffering. Although it was expected due to her poor health, it was still a hard loss to bear since she was such a beautiful person. Tozi had met Sara when she was performing on "Chuva de Estrelas" and had signed her to a contract with BMG. They developed an excellent friendship where he watched Sara grow and become the talented woman she was. Her strength and passion for her craft were evident, and she fought hard for social causes. However, her health took a turn for the worse, and it affected her ability to function. Even so, she never lost her will to live and continued to inspire until the end. Tozi was proud and honored to have worked with Sara, and he would always cherish their time together.

Toze Brito reminisced, "I witnessed Sarah's transformation from a child to a grown woman."

During an interview on Radio Observador, musician Samuel Urrea spoke about Sarah and how kind she was. He mentioned that her kind personality made it effortless for them to form a friendship and love her. In 2013, Samuel Uriah shared that he had made a version of Call the music, which Sarah found very calming. She even mentioned to him that it helped soothe her nerves, especially during the Festival da Canção in 1995, when she was still young. Samuel shared that he didn't make many changes to the song, but Sarah's performance made it very special.

According to Samuel Urrea, it was effortless to develop a friendship with Sarah Tavares.

Paulo Flores, a singer from Angola who once collaborated with Sara Tavares, recently spoke with Radio Observador about the sad news of her passing. He referred to it as a tremendous loss, not only for the music community but for humanity as a whole. Sara was a bright light who exuded positive energy and helped us all connect through the Portuguese language. It's still difficult to come to terms with the fact that she's gone too soon. Paulo went on to describe Sara's music as gentle, loving, and thoughtful. Her songs had the power to make us feel loved and proud of who we are. It's a real shame that her light was extinguished so prematurely. He fondly reminisced about working with Sara and how they supported each other like siblings.

Paulo Flores remembers that Sarah Tavares was an energetic and radiant person who filled them with positivity.

Carlaw expressed frustration with aphids and also gave thanks to Sara Tavares for the valuable lessons she has shared through their collaborations. Similarly, Behind Ibalanga, who met Tavares through Buraca Sum Sistema, posted a photo with Tavares' name as a way of expressing appreciation.

Moulinex, who is both a musician and a producer, shared his condolences for Sarah Tavares on Instagram. He expressed that he has always dreamt of collaborating with her and she responded with a smile, saying that she had to want to work with him. Fortunately, they were able to write a song together about a brave little girl embarking on a journey to conquer the universe. Moulinex felt honored to hold onto cherished memories of Sarah forever.

Sarah Tavares expressed that she wasn't productive for 8 years. Her lack of productivity wasn't only due to her illness, but also because of her strong feelings of anger.

Nuno Guerrero, who leads the band called Ala dos Outubro, performed a duet with Sara Tavares called Leave the Kiss. Afterwards, Sara Tavares posted two pictures of herself with Nuno and praised his singing skills on social media. Marissa Liz also shared her thoughts about Sara Tavares by recalling her bright personality and music talents. She was grateful for the times that they performed together and expressed her admiration for Sara's talent, generosity and mastery. Marissa even shed a tear for her and thanked her in her own post on social media, saying that she salutes and respects her forever.

The historian and ex-MP Joacine Katar Moreira responded to a personal message on X. She praised the recipient, saying "You are an inspiration to all black girls. We were all amazed by your incredible strength and personality." Joacine noted that this impressive character was even more admirable given the challenges the person had faced in life. She also expressed gratitude for the positive impact this person had made, stating "You have left us with so many wonderful memories... Thank you for being a true Queen!" These kind words were directed towards Ana Gomez.

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