Samsung launches Galaxy smart ring to track sleep and periods


Samsung aims to attract customers who are interested in fitness and health tracking technology with its latest wearable device, the Galaxy Ring.

The company unveiled the new device at the Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday as the newest member of its lineup of devices that it claims are being enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI).

Intelligent rings, equipped with small sensors to track different health indicators, have typically been a specialized product. However, their recent popularity among the England men's soccer team has gained significant attention.

Samsung is trying to shake things up by becoming the biggest technology company to enter the smart ring industry.

Ben Wood, a researcher at CCS Insight, believes that Samsung's decision to offer this product is a risky but intriguing move. His company predicts that by 2025, there will be approximately four million smart rings sold worldwide.

He mentioned to the BBC that the amount is insignificant in comparison to the 250 million smartwatches that are predicted to be sold.

Some people believe that Samsung could play a role in popularizing smart rings.

According to Francisco Jeronimo, an analyst at IDC, the Samsung smart ring will likely be many consumers' first experience with this type of technology. This initial exposure can have a significant impact on their long-term perceptions and preferences.

James Kitto, who is the vice president and leads Samsung's mobile division in the UK & Ireland, described the release of the ring as a significant event for the company.

Intelligent jewelry can monitor your health by keeping tabs on things like your pulse, sleeping patterns, and reproductive cycle.

Right now, the Finnish health technology company Oura is leading the market.

Recently, fitness trackers have become a trendy accessory for celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Experts believe that these compact and stylish devices have the potential to surpass popular smartwatch brands such as Apple Watch and Google Pixel Watch.

Mr. Kitto said that the Samsung Galaxy Ring is the smallest and most discreet product they have released so far. It provides precise tracking of health, wellness, and sleep around the clock.

Smart watches usually come with a greater variety of sensors compared to smart rings, allowing them to collect and deliver a broader assortment of health information.

According to Mr. Jeronimo, smart rings that are "less intrusive" offer a convenient, comfortable, and stylish option for individuals who prefer not to wear a large smartwatch, especially when sleeping to monitor their sleep habits.

The gadget is compatible with Samsung's Galaxy phones running on Android 11 or higher, and will be available for purchase at a cost of £399 in the UK starting on 24th July.

Dr. Efpraxia Zamani, a professor at Durham University specializing in information systems, explained to the BBC that Samsung's Galaxy Ring, which is part of a collection of products that offer information about users' health and wellness, could be appealing to a lot of people.

However, she cautioned that individuals who use devices that track and analyze health information should be cautious about the type of data that is being gathered, as well as how and where it is being shared.

"Belonging to an ecosystem entails gathering data from multiple sources, such as the ring, watch, and phone. When combined, this can result in both positive and negative consequences," she explained.

Gathering information about periods has been a hot topic in the past.

In the previous year, the UK's Information Commissioner's Office started a probe into period and fertility monitoring applications due to worries about data safety.

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