I'm A Celeb viewers share their love for 'excitable' Sam Thompson following first episode

Sam Thompson

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One of our hosts, Sam Thompson, joined the cast of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! on Sunday, November 19th. A lot of supporters expressed their affection for the 31-year-old ex-Made In Chelsea celebrity on social media.

It's pretty clear that Sam enjoys giving hugs and he showed this by warmly welcoming his fellow campmates during their first meeting. A post on X (previously known as Twitter) by a fan expressed admiration for Sam, describing him as a very lively person who loves everyone. The post also expressed excitement for Sam, as he seems to be enjoying the camp experience already.

Another individual expressed that they believe Sam Thompson should be the winner of #ImACelebrity, as they love how he is enjoying himself on the show. Additionally, someone else commented that Sam Thompson is always entertaining to watch on any type of media, be it a show or podcast. Their knowledge of various people in the entertainment industry only enhances their likability and appeal to audiences.

One supporter expressed, "Sam Thompson truly adores all celebrities and finds them amusing." Another person shared, "Whenever Sam Thompson encounters a new famous person, he becomes as ecstatic as a golden retriever spotting another of his species in a park." (Note: "sic" is used to indicate a spelling error or unconventional phrasing in the original text, so it does not need to be included in the reworded version.)

In the meantime, a different spectator expressed: 'Sam Thompson is undeniably charming and must be kept safe no matter what! He is very sincere and authentic!' Another individual appended: 'I'm fond of Sam Thompson, he is very captivating and pleasant.'

"Sam Thompson's Best I'm A Celeb Moments"

On Monday the 13th of November, it was officially announced that Sam will be participating in the 2023 series. This confirmation came after weeks of speculation.

Sam took to social media to express his excitement after the news about his joining the hit reality show "I'm a Celebrity" was officially disclosed. He confirmed the rumors and conveyed his joy to his followers. Sam referred to his participation in the reality as an adventure of a lifetime that he can't wait to embark upon. He also encouraged his fans to tune in to ITV every night, starting from Sunday 19th November, to witness his journey on the show. Sam ended his post by asking his audience to wish him luck.

Following Zara's stint on Strictly Come Dancing, Sam is returning the favor by showing his support for her. The Love Island alum previously provided encouragement for his girlfriend during her time on the show.

Zara recently shared a lovely photo of herself and Sam, who had headed to Australia before his agreed start date. She expressed her happiness at the news of his adventure and expressed her pride in him. She also assured him of her unwavering support throughout his journey. Also, Zara added humor by suggesting that Sam should participate in one of the eating challenges, knowing well that he is squeamish, which would make for great entertainment.

As soon as Sam arrived in Australia, he maintained his status as the most amazing hugger ever! Alongside former EastEnders actor Danielle Harold, First Dates' Fred Siriex, and food critic Grace Dent, Sam went straight in for a hug - and it was exactly what they all required before facing their task...

Sam, alongside Grace, Danielle, and Fred, had an adventurous helicopter ride that took them to the top of a 32-story building in Gold Coast, Australia. From there, they were asked to descend onto a minuscule platform and pull off some nerve-wracking stunts in less than three minutes. They had to lower themselves down via a rod, detach carabiners, and cautiously push a star to the pole's end. Luckily, they were rescued without having to jump off the end.

Upon arrival in Australia, Sam participated in a nerve-wracking high-altitude challenge alongside Danielle Harold, a former EastEnders actress, Fred Siriex from the popular TV program First Dates, and Grace Dent, a prominent food critic. The group was tasked with climbing down a towering 32-story structure to reach a platform and subsequently sliding along a pole, while pushing a star to the end of a rope.

Once the challenge was conquered, the famous individuals journeyed to the camping site. They ignited the fire and interacted with the other participants who had also passed their own challenges. Following the camaraderie and sharing of a meal, Ant and Dec arrived at the campsite to disclose who would be experiencing the inaugural trial.

The camp leaders announced the initial challenge to be Jungle Pizzeria, involving ex-politician Nigel Farage and influencer Nella Rose competing in an eating task.

Sam Thompson's Free Radio Schedule?

Usually, Sam Thompson can be heard on Hits UK via Free Radio. His show runs from Monday to Thursday at 7pm where he chats with some of the most notable personalities. However, during his absence in the jungle, Owen Warner will be taking over Sam's show.

I'm A Celeb Campmates 2021: Take A Peek!

Famous for: Being a radio host, TV star, and podcaster. Age: 31 years old.

Famous for: Being an actress from America and also being the younger sister of Britney Spears. Age: 32

Recognized for: Ex-politician Years: 59

Famous for: His role in HollyoaksTV show Age: 48 years old

Famous for: Hosting TV shows and previously taking home the victory on Big Brother Age: Thirty-eight years old

Recognized as: JLS bandmate Age: 38 years old

Notable for: Being the host of First Dates and working in television. Age: 51.

Famed for: Social media star Age: 26

Famous for: Being an actress on EastEnders Age: 31 years old

Famed for: Culinary expertAge: 50

You can catch every episode of I'm A Celeb airing nightly on ITV/STV at 9pm.

about the most anticipated TV event of the year! The year 2023 is eagerly awaited for the return of the most talked-about television show of all time, I'm A Celeb. Here's everything you need to know about this highly anticipated event! The television program is set to feature an exciting mix of celebrities from all walks of life, with the potential for surprising interactions and unexpected challenges. Fans can expect thrilling and challenging tasks that will test the contestants both physically and mentally, as well as provide plenty of laughs and entertainment. This long-awaited return of I'm A Celeb is sure to be a memorable one, so be sure to join in the fun and tune in for all the excitement!

All the details about our radio host, Sam Thompson, that you need to be aware of.

Sam Thompson's Hilarious Moments on "I'm A Celebrity" Get ready to laugh out loud because Sam Thompson's time on "I'm A Celeb" was filled with rib-tickling moments. From his witty one-liners to his hilarious facial expressions, Thompson had us giggling from start to finish. Let's take a look at some of his best bits. Firstly, who could forget Sam making a fool of himself by trying to catch fish with his bare hands? Despite his comical attempt, he failed miserably and ended up getting soaking wet for no reason. Another one of Sam's funny moments was when he was tasked with dressing up in a bunny costume. Seeing him hop around the campsite provided some much-needed comic relief. Let's not forget the time when Sam tried to teach one of his campmates how to do the floss dance. It wasn't quite a success, as his friend struggled to keep up with Sam's impressive dance moves. Overall, Sam Thompson brought endless entertainment to the show. His quirky personality and natural sense of humor made him a fan favorite. We can't wait to see what he'll do next.

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