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Sam Thompson

He's participating in the series that is set to happen in 2023!

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The TV show that the whole country secretly loves, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, is airing again for the next three weeks. Ant and Dec will be the hosts as a new group of famous people arrive at the jungle camp.

In our opinion, the forthcoming 2023 event is going to be exceptional because Hits Radio host, Sam Thompson, is joining the cast! Sam is leaving his comfy radio booth for a challenging jungle adventure to compete for the title of King of the Jungle. To celebrate his participation, we decided to reminisce on his most memorable moments from previous seasons.

"Sam Thompson's Highlights From I'm A Celeb"

On Monday 13th November, it was officially announced that Sam would be participating in the 2023 series, ending weeks of speculation and gossip.

After the announcement was shared, Sam went on social media to express his excitement. He confirmed the rumors and revealed that he will be partaking in the upcoming season of the show titled "I'm a Celebrity". Sam urged his followers to tune in on ITV from Sunday 19th November to watch his journey and wished himself luck.

Following Zara's stint on Strictly Come Dancing, her boyfriend Sam is returning the favor by supporting her in a variety of ways.

Zara posted a lovely picture of her and Sam on social media when he left for Australia earlier than expected. She was thrilled to announce that the rumors were true and expressed her pride and excitement for Sam's upcoming adventure. Zara also promised to support him every step of the way and watch him every evening. Additionally, she suggested that everyone should vote for Sam to participate in one of the eating challenges, which she thinks would make for amusing entertainment because of his squeamishness.

As soon as Sam arrived in Australia, he continued to live up to his impressive reputation for being a top-notch hugger! He met up with Danielle Harold, a former EastEnders cast member, as well as Fred Siriex from First Dates and food critic Grace Dent. Sam wasted no time and immediately hugged them all. It was a much-needed embrace before they faced their upcoming challenge.

Sam, Danielle, Fred, and Grace embarked on a thrilling helicopter excursion. The ride took them to the rooftop of a towering 32-story structure located in Australia's Gold Coast. Once there, they were given instructions to rappel down to an extremely small platform, descend using a pole, and unfasten carabiners, all the while moving a star attached to the end of the pole in less than three minutes! Luckily, they were safely lifted back up and did not have to make a leap of faith off the platform.

What Scares Sam The Most?

Prior to departing for Australia to perform, Sam had a conversation with Owen Warner, who was the previous year's runner-up. Owen will be filling in for Sam on his Hits Radio program while he's gone.

During their conversation, Sam confided in Owen about his biggest fear when it comes to entering the jungle. He expressed, "Hey, you know what? It's really daunting for me."

I understand that what I'm about to say may seem strange, and it might even make me sound like a loser. However, I have a fear of being disliked by others. For instance, when I'm in a group, such as a camp, I don't want to be seen as annoying to anyone. It bothers me when people say things like, "Oh, there's Sam again, being annoying."

Approach the restroom and think to yourself, "Wow, Sam seems somewhat..."

He admitted that he is excited to meet some new people in the jungle. Sam explained that he's particularly looking forward to making long-lasting friendships, the kind of friendships where you create a group chat on WhatsApp and stay in touch forever. He acknowledged that some people may find it lame, but he's genuinely excited about the prospect.

You have the opportunity to observe Sam's progress by tuning in to I'm A Celeb, which is broadcasted every evening at 9pm on both ITV and ITVX.

When Does Sam Thompson Appear On Hits Radio?

Typically, you can tune in to Hits UK on Hits Radio to hear Sam Thompson. Sam usually chats with some of the most prominent individuals every Monday through Thursday starting at 7pm. However, during his time in the jungle, Owen Warner will take over the reins of Sam's show.

All the information you require regarding our radio host Sam Thompson Sam Thompson is the latest addition to our radio station team and we are delighted to have him on board. He has a wealth of experience in the radio industry and a great passion for music. He was born and raised in London, England and has been a radio presenter for over a decade. Sam is renowned for his energetic and dynamic presenting style, which never fails to keep our listeners entertained. He has excellent communication skills, a great sense of humour, and a unique ability to connect with his audience. Aside from being a great radio host, Sam is also an accomplished musician. He plays the guitar, piano and drums and has written and recorded his own music. Sam's favourite music genres are rock and pop, and he cites Queen and The Beatles as his biggest musical influences. He's also a huge fan of 80s music and enjoys nothing more than playing classic hits from that era. When he's not presenting on the radio, Sam can be found exploring new music venues in the city, attending gigs or practicing with his band. Overall, Sam Thompson is an indispensable member of our team, and we feel very fortunate to have him on board. His passion and talent are an inspiration to us all, and we know that he will continue to be a huge asset to our station for years to come.

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