Salwan Momika, Iraqi man behind Qur’an desecration, found dead in Norway

Salwan Momika

It has been reported that Salwan Momika, who was a refugee from Iraq and had committed an act of disrespect towards copies of the Holy Qur'an last year, has been discovered deceased in Norway.

On Tuesday, social media platform X shared a post from Radio Genoa stating that a 37-year-old Iraqi man who held anti-Islamic views had been discovered deceased.

However, more evidence was still needed to verify this.

The statement reads that the individuals who posted about Momika's passing and received over 1 million views have removed their tweet. We are currently anticipating additional verification on the matter.

Momika made headlines all over the world when he committed a blasphemous act by setting fire to the Quran. He has recently relocated to Norway, having previously lived in Sweden.

During the month of June in 2023, Salwan Momika defiled the Quran by stamping on it and then proceeded to burn several pages of it in plain view of Stockholm's major mosque. Incredibly, the Swedish police sanctioned this disgraceful act and guaranteed the offender's safety.

The event occurred at the same time as the celebration of the Muslim festival Eid al-Adha and the conclusion of the yearly trip to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This made people from all over the world who practice Islam very upset.

After the incident occurred, lots of Muslims from different nations came out on the streets to express their disapproval of the act of burning Islamic holy places that took place in Sweden.

Sweden has allowed the act of burning Qur'an several times lately. In January of the previous year, a person with an extremist ideology from Sweden and Denmark burned a copy of the holy book near the Turkish embassy in Stockholm.

Sweden stated that it will not make major alterations to its freedom of speech regulations, even though there have been multiple instances of defilement of the Muslim holy book. However, a lot of Muslim nations have interpreted these irreverent actions as cases of promoting hate and showing a leaning towards hostility, which contravenes the concept of free speech.

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