Discover Your Fortune at These 8 St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in Austin.

Discover Your Fortune at These 8 St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in Austin.

Besides the famous people you might see, the movies being shown, TV shows being debuted, concerts, and informative discussions, there's another element that makes South by Southwest (SXSW) captivating every time. While having a good time and dealing with traffic can be enjoyable, the networking opportunities are unbeatable.

No matter what activities the local people engage in, there is always something to gain from these notable community gatherings. Many unofficial SXSW events strike the perfect balance between planned and natural, and both participants and non-participants have to sift through significant topics of discussion just to attend.

The innovative non-profit company Spaceflight Records, located in Austin, has arranged a time-tested SXSW-themed event, the “Crawfish Boil & Austin Indie Label Mixer.” The occasion is now fully booked, and attendees will come together to hear live music, feast on crawfish, and mingle. This provides an opportunity for friends, family, and anyone interested in the music scene to network and develop long-lasting relationships for continuous support throughout the year.

Brett Orrison, the founder of Spaceflight, declares that the independent record labels in Austin share an intimate bond.

This statement could catch some individuals off-guard who view Austin as an insufficient area with limited resources for music industry infrastructure, or who view record labels as fiercely rivalrous, and both perceptions may have been valid in the past. The significance of indie labels and their allegiance to one another is consequently emphasized.

"We usually attend record markets and attend various parties as a group. The mixer is a new opportunity for us to establish an annual tradition, where we can enjoy some delicious crawfish, socialize and discuss the music industry in Austin. It’s a great time to catch up on everyone’s projects and plans for the upcoming year," explained Orrison.

There are seven sponsors that are part of this first-time event. The main players are Hardcharger Records, Nine Mile Records, Keeled Scales, and Juice Consulting. Each of the three record labels has a different area of expertise: Southern styles, roots music, and support for artist-led initiatives. Juice Consulting, which isn't a record label, represents some of Austin's top talents in unique, non-profit locations.

Three more supporters - Feels So Good Records (recently renamed), Mr. Pink Records (known for limited edition cassettes and 45 RPM records), and Australian Cattle God Records (an independent and lesser-known label) - have also come on board.

In the present time, being a record label doesn't mean just competing with other labels, but also having to face a difficult business model and some big corporations. In this industry, it's important to have respect for other labels because everyone knows how challenging it can be. Collaborating and working together is essential for success in this field.

In the same way, Orrison's viewpoint applies to the end result: creating music outside of a single entity benefits the music industry as a whole. Shinyribs, an artist under Nine Mile and Hardcharger, and the main act at the gathering, exemplifies the potential that exists outside of the mainstream music industry that puts singers on the front page of Rolling Stone magazine.

For over ten years, the big and unconventional group has been a significant part of the Austin music scene. They perform imaginative, unmistakably Southern folk tracks and bring about unforgettable experiences at nearby celebrations. The event will also feature Garrett T. Capps & Nasa Country (Spaceflight), as well as Meernaa (Keeled Scales).

Although Spaceflight isn't brand new, they're working on establishing a presence at SXSW. They're putting on their first event independently, partnering up with the influential nonprofit Outdoor Stage for the 2022 festival. For their eclectic indie mix, they've selected a variety of talented acts including Croy and the Boys, Kalu and the Electric Joint, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Heartless Bastards, and Golden Dawn Arkestra.

According to Orrison, the main focus this year is showcasing the talents of our musical bands. Due to being one of the few nonprofit organizations currently releasing music, we have garnered a lot of attention. We are utilizing this attention to encourage people to attend our shows and connect with our artists, managers, and booking agents. Our goal is to provide a platform for artists to launch their careers, and if they are presented with opportunities from established labels that will treat them well, we fully support them to take advantage of it.

You can find extra details regarding Spaceflight Records and their musicians over at

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