Bushmills Celebrates St. Patrick's Day with The Moodie Davitt Report and Commemorates One Year of Black Bush 80/20 Release.

Bushmills Celebrates St. Patrick's Day with The Moodie Davitt Report and Commemorates One Year of Black Bush 80/20 Release.

The single malt whiskey with an alcohol content of 40% and 80% purity has gained popularity among consumers ever since it was introduced in 2022.

The company Proximo Spirits and the Irish whiskey brand Bushmills are marking St. Patrick's Day on March 17th by giving The Moodie Davitt Report website an exciting new look. This change begins today.

The transformation centers around Proximo Spirits' Bushmills Black Bush 80/20 PX Cask Reserve line, which is only available for purchase in travel retail locations. This line has been very successful in the market since it was introduced one year ago.

Proximo Spirits is currently focusing on creating several new and captivating Bushmills products. They've dedicated three years to producing a specific expression that is exclusively available for purchase in travel retail locations.

The company introduced the Sherry Cask edition aged for 10 years in 2021, followed by the 80/20 variant in 2022. Recently, their fantastic release for 2023 features the extremely rare Port Cask, which has matured for 33 years.

The second item mentioned is only available for purchase at World Duty Free establishments located in Heathrow Airport. These include the stores World of Whiskies and will be offered for sale from 1 March.

The Causeway Collection has recently released its tenth and final product, known as The 33 Year Old.

The expression "80/20" is used in a video to indicate that using more malt leads to more character in beer.

The PX Cask Reserve is made up of 80% single malt whiskey and infused with Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. In addition, it boasts 20% of the finest Irish grain whiskey available.

The golden liquid contains 40% alcohol and is made richer with the addition of Pedro Ximénez sherry, giving it a sweet flavor. It has strong and intense fruity aromas, resembling a fruitcake. When tasted, the liquid has a unique flavor of toasted nuts, along with hints of allspice and ripe peaches. It is smooth and soft when consumed, and has a long-lasting finish.

The Bushmills Black Bush 8020 PX Cask Reserve is available in a bottle of one liter.

St. Patrick's Day is a festivity that pays tribute to the patron saint of Ireland with religious and cultural significance.

Bushmills collaborates with The Moodie Davitt Report to revamp their website for St. Patrick's Day.

Proximo Spirits is currently marking St. Patrick's Day by redesigning The Moodie Davitt Report's homepage with vivid and lively graphics. The main focus is on their new product made exclusively for travel retail, which is the 80/20 PX Cask Reserve variety of Bushmills Black Bush. Want to know more? Keep reading.

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