Kent Engineer Against London's ULEZ Expansion

Kent Engineer Against London's ULEZ Expansion

A lift engineer is worried about losing his job and van due to the ULEZ expansion in south London. He comes from Kent.

Richard Podmore uses a 2013 Mercedes van for work in London. The van is not compliant with ULEZ rules. He drives it four days a week.

A person who is 53 thinks that employees who go to ULEZ zones might lose their jobs. Employers may not be able to pay £12.50 for each day.

He thinks the expansion is unnecessary and is causing engineers stress.

Richard spoke to the News Shopper. He said they were a small company. Their boss was great. This was because he provided vans for them.

If it costs £12.50 per day, our company may not afford to offer it to everyone.

People, like me, may lose their jobs because of this foolish plan.

The engineer Richard has been working for three years. He fears losing his job and feels stressed. This stress affects his family too.

He thinks it's hard to get a new job with high expenses and age.

Richard can't get in debt by buying a new van and starting his business.

Richard said he's too old to buy something on his own. He can't afford it.

"I entered this industry to earn an honest income and enjoy my life. Why must we suffer like this?"

Times are tough right now. Will anyone hire me if I'm over 50?

"I am concerned when you ponder over these matters. The issue is not just about the £12.50 but there is a bigger problem that Sadiq Khan fails to comprehend."

Richard is concerned that expanding the ULEZ will be expensive for workers and could harm them.

He thinks there are too many fees in London for driving. He thinks the ULEZ will make it worse.

Richard said you must pay the ULEZ charge, the congestion charge, and parking fees.

Why have a ULEZ fee if they’re already making money from the congestion charge?

"It doesn't make sense," is what I think.

Richard is uncertain whether Sadiq Khan will change his ULEZ proposal before the expansion on August 29th.

He thinks the Mayor of London's office is ignoring people. People are protesting across London.

Richard says it's unlikely that the decision will be overturned. The cameras are being installed soon. There's a lot of advertising for it.

We will find out what occurred, but it's sad, as it appears to be unfavorable.

In south east London, some ULEZ cameras were damaged. This happened because some people are against the expansion.

Pictures on social media show cut wires on ULEZ cameras in Knee Hill, Abbey Wood.

The Mayor of London's spokesperson said that they are not happy to see people disagree with the policy.

The article says that vandalizing London's transport infrastructure is wrong. It's called petty and unacceptable.

Transport for London spokesperson said vandalism on their network is not acceptable.

All incidents will go to the police for investigation. That's what it said.

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