Ryan Gosling cries to Taylor Swift in Super Bowl teaser for The Fall Guy

Ryan Gosling

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In a newly released trailer for The Fall Guy, Ryan Gosling is shown shedding tears while listening to Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" in his car.

The upcoming funny movie is inspired by a TV show from the 1980s with Gosling as the main character named Colt Seavers, who was first played by Lee Majors.

The upcoming movie, helmed by David Leitch of Bullet Train fame, has a star-studded cast that includes British stars Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Hannah Waddingham, along with American standout Stephanie Hsu.

During the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 11th), a promo was released that showcased a particular scene. This scene involves Jody, who is played by Blunt and serves as Colt's former girlfriend. Jody is shown to knock on Colt's window and inquisitively ask him if he is shedding tears while listening to the song "All Too Well" by Swift.

"Doesn't everyone do that?" responds Gosling's character.

The movie is going to highlight the efforts of the professionals who perform stunts and make them the main focus.

In a recent article by Geoffrey Macnab of The Independent, he discussed the lack of recognition that stunt performers receive in the film industry. Throughout the history of cinema, these artists have remained relatively unknown despite their crucial roles in action sequences. They risk their lives to play a part in dangerous scenes such as being run over by stagecoaches or trampled by horses in classic westerns directed by John Ford. They also drive chariots around the Colosseum or jump out of moving trains and helicopters.

Not many people who watch movies are aware of the names of the stunt performers. The famous actors who stay in their trailers most of the time often take credit for their hard work. Actor Ryan Gosling wants to change this unfair situation. He believes that in most movies, the actors receive all the recognition even though the stunt performers are the ones who put in the most effort. He made a statement earlier this year saying that he is determined to put an end to this unfairness.

The upcoming release of The Fall Guy is scheduled for May 3rd.

Recently, the Super Bowl teaser trailer for ‘The Fall Guy’ featured the popular actor Ryan Gosling.

The preview of Fall Guy is among the numerous commercials that showcase famous individuals as companies endeavor to attract clients in what is also known as the Advertising Super Bowl.

The current game is happening at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada and is viewable on CBS or through streaming with Paramount+. Additionally, it can also be watched on ITV for those in the United Kingdom.

The Super Bowl is a significant event for businesses that aim to attract fresh customers, considering the massive audience of over 100 million viewers during the previous year.

The advertisements they create have a reputation for providing amusement to those who are not particularly passionate about football, during the intervals in the match. Many companies have already started teasing their advertisements in the fortnight leading up to the major event.

Check out these top and bottom-rated advertisements being shown in the Super Bowl of 2024.

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