Russell Brand accused of sexually assaulting extra on US film set

Russell Brand

A legal action claims that Russell Brand engaged in sexual assault against someone working as a film extra amidst the production of the romantic comedy Arthur back in 2011 in New York City.

The legal action was initiated on Friday in a New York state court. The lawsuit was filed based on the Adult Survivors Act, which grants alleged victims of non-current sexual abuse a one-year opportunity to seek legal action, even if the time limit for statutes of limitations has lapsed.

The legal case is a consequence of many claims that have appeared in the UK press about the 48-year-old performer and comedic actor. Various women have spoken out about sexual abuse and conduct that was not appropriate, stretching over seven years between 2006 and 2013.

Brand refuted charges raised by four women in an inquiry conducted by the Sunday Times, the Times, and Channel 4's Dispatches. He maintained that his relationships were consensual at all times.

The authorities in the United Kingdom are currently looking into certain claims without arresting any individuals.

The Reuters news agency attempted to receive comments from the representatives of the brand in New York and London regarding the recently filed lawsuit, but there was no immediate response.

The film Arthur was distributed by Warner Bros Pictures, who was also identified as a defendant in company with other organizations connected to the movie's creation. They faced charges of being careless and supporting Brand's wrongdoings during the filming process. Despite being asked for a comment by Reuters news agency, Warner Bros did not respond.

A lady known only as Jane Doe filed a grievance, disclosing that she had been recruited to act temporarily as a "background actor" in a specific scene.

The movie was a new version of a film from 1981 that had Dudley Moore playing the main character.

The legal action claims that Brand was clearly drunk while filming and displayed his private parts to the person bringing the lawsuit while sitting down and gazing at her. This happened in front of everyone present on set, including studio staff who did not seem bothered by his actions.

According to the accusation, Brand proceeded to follow the lady into a lavatory. Once there, he proceeded to lower his pants, push her into a compartment, and compelled her to engage in oral sexual activity with him.

The person making the accusation claims that they suffered serious mental harm and financial damages due to the attack. They have filed a lawsuit against Brand, requesting an unspecified amount of money to compensate for the assault, false imprisonment, battery, and emotional trauma.

Brand, who used to be married to the famous American pop star Katy Perry and was once a well-known comedian and broadcaster in Britain, has changed his focus in recent times to become a social commentator on the internet. He has amassed over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

In September, YouTube announced that it had halted Brand's ability to generate additional profits through the popular video-sharing site due to accusations of sexual misconduct against him.

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