England reach Euro 2024 final: Roy Keane says Spain favourites, but things 'written in the stars' for England

Roy Keane

Roy Keane thinks Spain will be seen as the top team for the Euro 2024 final on Sunday, but he also mentioned that destiny can play a role, especially after witnessing England secure another last-minute victory.

The England national team, known as the Three Lions, once again showed their fighting spirit by coming from behind to defeat the Netherlands 2-1 in Dortmund. Harry Kane equalized with a penalty after Xavi Simons scored a great goal in the first half. Ollie Watkins then scored a late goal to secure England's spot in yet another final of the European Championships.

Once again, England's depth and resilience were on display with a late goal, according to Sky Sports analyst Keane. He believes that everything is coming together for Gareth Southgate's team as they prepare for the upcoming match in Berlin on Sunday.

He said to ITV Sport that he would consider Spain as the favored team, but sometimes fate can unexpectedly favor the England team.

They were supposed to be eliminated weeks ago, but now they are gaining momentum.

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"It's refreshing to witness players getting subbed in with a positive attitude. They are eager to make a difference and contribute to the game."

"They are starting to make an impact and scoring goals late in the game, so the match against Spain is going to be exciting. The substitution of players has been a key factor for many teams in this competition."

Keane's opinion on England's penalty: I don't think it was a penalty kick.

Roy Keane from Sky Sports said on ITV Sport that, in his opinion, it was not a penalty. However, he acknowledged that luck is sometimes needed in sports.

I understand that in other parts of the field, it would be considered a free kick, but when it comes to crucial moments, I enjoy the physical aspect of football. In the penalty box, quick decisions are not my preference.

The men's team will be playing in a major tournament final on foreign soil for the first time at Euro 2024. Gary Neville, another analyst, also believes that the momentum might be leaning towards England's side.

Amazing accomplishment, reaching another final is an outstanding display. Make sure to seal the deal. How many more times will England make it to this level? I never made it there even once," he stated in an interview with ITV Sport.

Spain was not a popular choice for many people, including myself. However, they have proven to be the top team and have been playing exceptional football. While it will be a challenge, it seems like there is a shift happening. The odds are in England's favor and this is boosting our confidence.

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"However, it is obvious that Spain has outperformed us in this tournament."

"It's amazing. The players and the coach haven't been performing their best in this tournament, but they've managed to stay competitive and come out on top. In the past, they were criticized for being inexperienced and losing despite playing well, but this team is resilient and always finds a way to succeed. It's clear that they are improving with each game."

It's truly impressive how they've accomplished it, something that previous England teams couldn't achieve.

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