Rory McIlroy masterclass secures dominant five-shot victory at Wells Fargo Championship

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy had a flawless performance on the final nine holes and won the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow with a five-shot lead over Xander Schauffele.

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During the back nine with a score of 13-under, McIlroy took control in a noticeable way, with both two eagles and two birdies on his side. Meanwhile, Schauffele's putting skills failed him during crucial moments, allowing McIlroy to successfully push forward.

As McIlroy approached the final hole, he seemed poised to secure a remarkable victory. Although he made a costly error by incurring a double bogey on the last, he still managed to capture his fourth Wells Fargo Championship and his impressive 26th triumph on the PGA Tour.

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The victory is a great achievement with only one week left before the upcoming major golf tournament, the PGA Championship, held at Valhalla. This is the same location where McIlroy won his last major tournament in 2014. The event will be broadcasted live on Sky Sports starting from Thursday, May 16th.

McIlroy stated that he had just completed a run that he was unexpectedly able to do at a golf course.

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Throughout my career, Quail Hollow has been a reliable source of success for me. Today's victory serves as just another brilliant memory to add to the list.

I have the impression that these individuals have witnessed my growth over time. I emerged victorious at this location when I was only 20 years old, and now I am a mature 35-year-old.

"They've witnessed my growth in my profession and this is one among my preferred destinations annually."

I'm excited to come back again and see how many I can win. My confidence boosted after my victory with Shane Lowry in New Orleans.

As I approach this week's event, I'm feeling pretty confident because I am at a location where I have had success before, and my golf swing is feeling good. The next week's event is also happening at a place where I've previously triumphed, which adds to the excitement. However, I'm aware that it's still early, and I need to play my best golf and outshine some top-level players next week."

"I have a strong sense of confidence going into the upcoming major tournament."

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Before playing at Quail Hollow, McIlroy had not made any mistakes or bogeys since his first round. He began the game perfectly with a birdie on the first hole, thanks to his impressive approach shot. This put him in the same score as Schauffele, with 12-under.

After a few holes, McIlroy and Schauffele competed fiercely, both having a score of 12 strokes below par. However, McIlroy lost a point on the fourth, while Schauffele had a three-putt on the sixth, causing him to fall back.

When both golfers were tied at 11-under, Schauffele made an impressive eagle on the seventh hole, sinking a 12-foot putt. Meanwhile, McIlroy failed to make his birdie putt, causing Schauffele to pull ahead by two shots at 13-under.

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Nonetheless, his lead didn't last for a significant amount of time because McIlroy managed to recover a shot with an essential birdie on the eighth hole. In addition, he made a fantastic comeback by hitting two more birdies towards the end of the front nine, resulting in a total of 13-under. As a result, both contenders entered the second half of the game on equal footing.

After that, McIlroy raised his performance level. He gained control of the game with an eagle putt from 33ft on the 10th hole and a birdie on the 13th hole.

When Schauffele struggled with his putting skills on the 12th and 13th holes, he encountered some problems. As a result, he received bogeys, which put him four shots behind in the game. Unfortunately, even though McIlroy demonstrated his expertise, Schauffele was unable to catch up.

McIlroy's consecutive birdie attempts were unsuccessful and this pattern persisted when he attempted another shot on the 14th hole. However, the remarkable bunker shot he executed on the 15th hole gave him a considerable advantage towards winning the championship.

Even though he made a mistake by taking a drink on the 18th hole and ended up with an extra two strokes, McIlroy still won with great strength at a score of -17. This win broadcasts a powerful message, especially since it's just one week before the PGA Championship.

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In another place, Schauffele came in second with a score of 12-under, while Byeong Hun An finished five points behind in third place. Jason Day and Im Sung-jae were tied for fourth with a score of six under.

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