Roman Kemp devastated after unwittingly consuming a £10,000 Creme Egg.

Roman Kemp devastated after unwittingly consuming a £10,000 Creme Egg.

Oman Kemp expressed his disappointment on social media after discovering that he had consumed a unique Creme Egg that was worth £10,000.

The radio presenter of Capital Breakfast, aged 30, expressed his excitement on Twitter when he found out that his confectionery was made up of fifty percent white chocolate and fifty percent milk chocolate.

He posted a picture of himself holding a chocolate candy and added the caption: "What kind of chocolate is this? Is it a mixture of white and milk chocolate?"

He was happy at first but then became extremely sad after his followers informed him that the limited-edition Creme Egg had a value of £10,000, leaving him embarrassed.

As a feature of their Creme Egg pursuit event, the candy brand has created 146 Creme Eggs that are half-white and half-milk chocolate, and concealed them in various stores all throughout the United Kingdom.

Out of the eggs mentioned, six of them have a value of £10,000, while three more have a value of £5,000. The value of each egg was determined by opening it using a "winning ticket" that was inside the egg.

Regrettably, Kemp informed his supporters that he had already eaten the delicacy without knowing its possible worth.

Writing about his situation on the internet, he expressed: "I already consumed it and now individuals are claiming it has a value of 10,000 dollars!?"

Shortly after that, a message was posted saying, "I have consumed it. What steps should I take now? Help me pleaseeeee."

While feeling extremely upset, followers accused the TV personality of playing a joke on them. He replied with irritation, saying that he wishes it were a prank, but it's not.

The host of The One Show answered back to a different Twitter account saying that he would like his tweets to be included in a promotional campaign during the rumors.

When a fan asked him about his experience eating a meal worth £10,000, his response was that it was not amusing and the taste was akin to remorse.

Kemp's recent struggle with Crème Eggs occurred following the theft of his bicycle earlier this month.

On March 13, the celebrity posted a tweet which said: "Greetings to the individual who has unlawfully taken my bicycle."

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