Tory chair Richard Holden in car crash interview as adviser steps in to save him

Richard Holden

"Are you unable to explain how you ended up in Basildon and Billericay? Do you believe it was a deceptive setup that goes against democratic principles?"

Richard Holden - Figure 1
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The Conservative Party's leader, Richard Holden, faced an embarrassing interview recently. His assistant had to intervene and put an end to the questioning.

Holden had a heated argument with Jon Craig, the main political reporter for Sky News, regarding his late addition as a candidate for the Basildon and Billericay area during the election. The disagreement was intense and passionate.

The selection of Holden for a safe seat that is 300 miles away from his previous constituency and being the only candidate on the list has caused some Tory party members to become angry and accuse the situation of being a set-up.

People from the Conservative group in the area were very angry. Andrew Baggott, who leads the group in Basildon council, said he wouldn't help with Holden's campaign. Someone from Holden's new local group told the BBC they felt disrespected by his selection.

On Sunday, Craig questioned Holden about how he got the safe seat, but Holden did not want to answer any questions and avoided them.

Craig inquired, "Are you unable to rationalize how you were placed in Basildon and Billericay? Do you think it's rigged and goes against the principles of democracy?"

Holden responded by shifting his focus towards the Labour Party and stated: "Today, Emily Thornberry has acknowledged..."

The journalist interrupts him and exclaims, "Hold on, this is absurd! In an interview earlier this year, you claimed to have a staunch loyalty to the North East. What changed?"

In the blog section, there is a recording of a person who works for the conservative party that can be heard in the background. The aide expresses that what is being discussed was not previously discussed or agreed upon.

Someone shared a portion of an interview on social media and a user commented on X saying, "Richard Holden has just added to the Tory party's already poor campaign efforts. Such incidents are becoming a frequent occurrence, even with Rishi staying out of the public eye."

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