Adele reportedly confirms rumours she and Rich Paul are married

Rich Paul

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It seems that Adele has verified the news that she and her partner Rich Paul, whom she has been with for a long time, have recently gotten married.

According to reports from DeuxMoi, the singer referred to herself as the spouse of the sports agent multiple times. She apparently also mentioned being married while in attendance at Alan Carr's comedic performance. Two individuals who were present at the show recounted the incident to the popular celebrity gossip account.

Someone shared that they went to watch Alan Carr perform his comedy show in LA last night, and noticed that Adele was present among the audience. During the show, Alan wondered if anyone in the audience had recently tied the knot, and Adele enthusiastically exclaimed that she had.

Someone else from the crowd corroborated the story to the celebrity news website. They shared that during the show, when the performer inquired if anyone had recently tied the knot, a woman shouted out, "I have!" It was a charming moment all around, and the woman seemed very kind, but she left just before the performance wrapped up.

The statement continued: "I witnessed Adele enjoying herself while sitting closely behind me accompanied by a companion. Her security personnel only intervened to provide her with refreshments."

It didn't matter to her if others were aware of her presence. She was teasing him, but in a friendly way, as they are inseparable friends.

Adele created more speculation about her marriage status when she shared some snapshots from her Las Vegas performances on Instagram last month. In each of the photos, she was wearing a big diamond ring, and notably, it was placed on her finger that is typically reserved for engagement or wedding rings.

In another picture, Adele can be seen holding a copy of Paul's latest memoir called Lucky Me. This picture perfectly highlighted the ring while her lower face was hidden.

This marks the second instance that Adele's diamond ring has ignited rumors of her engagement. In the past, she sported a ring at the 2022 Brit Awards, which caused many to speculate that she was betrothed to her beau of two years.

During her Las Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on September 16th, the popstar known as "Hello" referred to herself as the spouse of Paul. While engaging with fans in the audience, one woman admirer proposed marriage to Adele.

Adele respectfully turned down the proposal of marriage by stating, "I'm sorry, but I cannot marry you. I am heterosexual and happily married. My spouse is present here tonight."

When the admirer asked again if there was a possibility of them getting married, Adele stood her ground and declined the proposal. "No, I'm not interested in trying," she responded firmly. "I am currently in a committed relationship with Rich, and your request is unreasonable. Please stop bothering me about this."

Some time after, Adele gave more evidence suggesting that she and Paul tied the knot in a clandestine ceremony. During one of her performances in Las Vegas, she revealed that she's making an effort to comprehend sports more thoroughly for the sake of her significant other, who is a sports agent. Adele attempted to make light of the situation by confessing that she's not the most amazing spouse to Paul. This is because she's had to put some effort into familiarizing herself with American football, which isn't widely popular in the United Kingdom.

Paul recently shared about how he and Adele have supported one another throughout their relationship that kicked off in 2021. During his guest appearance on CBS Mornings on 9th October, Paul remarked that Adele has been amazing and that they've mutually assisted each other. He added that they're both contented and in a good place, and that Adele has been instrumental in boosting his wellbeing. Overall, they've had a positive influence on one another.

When talking to Gayle King, Paul was questioned about the speculations of him and Adele being wedded. However, Paul avoided giving a clear answer.

He stated that he could express anything he desires, but he clarified that he's not the sort of person to publicize his private life. He also mentioned that he doesn't want the media to be involved in it.

A request for comment has been made to Adele's agents by The Independent.

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