Adele 'confirms' she's married Rich Paul

Rich Paul

Did Adele, the famous singer, secretly marry her boyfriend Rich Paul, who works as a sports agent?

Based on the accounts of two individuals who supposedly went to Alan Carr's latest performance in Los Angeles, the British comic, who also happens to be Adele's closest pal, disclosed a sudden piece of news to the audience.

Rich Paul - Figure 1
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Two enthusiasts reached out to a nameless celebrity gossip influencer Deuxmoi through different channels. This influencer went ahead to display their accounts on their Instagram page.

I went to Alan Carr's comedy gig in Los Angeles tonight where Adele happened to be seated among the audience. During the show, Alan enquired if anyone had recently tied the knot and Adele impulsively yelled out, "That's me!"

'Absolutely adorable from every angle'

Another writer for Deuxmoi shared that they also attended the concert. The venue was very exclusive as it only held around 75 people. Adele herself was present with a friend, seated directly behind the contributor. The singer appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself throughout the show.

According to the blog post, the star showed no concern about letting people know she was there heckling Carr because they are close friends.

They stated: "He inquired about recent weddings and she answered with a shout, 'I did'. The whole thing was very adorable and charming, but she left just before it concluded."

33.+ Adele, who has a child with her former spouse Simon Konecki, publicly acknowledged her romantic involvement with Paul in September of this current year. During an interview with Elle magazine in August of 2020, she dispelled rumors of her marital status with Paul.

Although, she stated, "I haven't experienced a love like this before. I am fixated on him."

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The well-known singer, Adele, started her ongoing entertainment commitment called Weekends With Adele in Las Vegas during November 2022. She then revealed in March that she planned on including more show dates.

The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace has announced 32 more shows after the initial end date. These performances will begin on 19 January and end on 15 June 2024.

According to reports, Adele tied the knot with Carr, whom she has been close pals with for several years. The event reportedly took place at her residence in LA, where she hosted a garden wedding for Carr and his former spouse.

At 41 years old, Paul is the individual responsible for forming Klutch Sports Group, a management firm that represents well-known basketball players such as LeBron James.

Sky News has reached out to Adele's, Paul's, and Carr's spokespersons for their input.

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