Adele ‘confirms’ rumours she and Rich Paul are married

Rich Paul

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It seems that Adele has given confirmation that she and her partner, Rich Paul, have gotten married after being together for a considerable amount of time.

The celebrity who had previously referred to herself as the sports agent's "spouse" said she was wed when she went to Alan Carr's stand-up comedy show. DeuxMoi, a celebrity gossip platform, received details from two audience members who witnessed the occurrence.

I attended Alan Carr's comedy performance in LA this evening, and Adele was present among the spectators," a person shared. During the show, Alan questioned the audience if anybody had recently tied the knot, and Adele replied with enthusiasm, "I did!"

According to a different individual in the crowd, who spoke to the website dedicated to spreading rumors, the story is accurate. This person claims that when the performer inquired if anyone in the audience had recently tied the knot, a woman in the audience shouted, "I did." The event was said to be incredibly charming and the woman in question was said to be very kind, although she departed right before it concluded.

They stated: "Adele was sitting just behind me alongside a companion and appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself. Her security personnel only entered to offer her some refreshments."

She was not bothered about anyone being aware of her presence. She was teasing him, but they are close buddies.

Adele added fuel to the fire of speculations about her marital status recently. She posted some pictures from her Las Vegas performance on her Instagram feed last month. In the photos, the singer was seen sporting a sizeable diamond ring on her finger, which is known to be traditionally worn for marriage.

In another picture, Adele was seen with Paul's newly published autobiography named Lucky Me, flaunting the ring perfectly. The lower half of the singer's face was concealed in the photo.

This is actually the second occasion that Adele wearing a diamond ring has caused people to suspect that she is engaged. In the past, she was observed sporting a ring at the 2022 Brit Awards, which prompted people to suspect that she was getting ready to tie the knot with her two-year-long boyfriend.

During her performance at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on September 16th, the artist known as "Hello" claimed to be the wife of Paul. While engaging with members of the audience and fielding their questions, a woman in attendance requested Adele's hand in marriage.

Adele was asked to marry someone, but she refused politely by stating that she is straight and her love is reserved for her husband, who was present at the event.

The fan repeated their request to Adele, asking if they could attempt to get married. However, Adele firmly refused the proposal once again. She responded, "I don't want to attempt it. I am already in a relationship with Rich. Please stop bothering me."

In recent days, Adele has sparked speculation once more that she and Paul may have tied the knot in secret. During a show in Las Vegas, she mentioned that she was making an effort to understand sports better, which is something her partner and sports agent is passionate about. Adele joked that she is not the best spouse to Paul, as it has been a challenge for her to get into American football since it isn't as popular in the UK.

Paul has recently revealed that he and Adele have been a great support system for each other since they started their relationship this year. During an interview on CBS Mornings on October 9th, Paul expressed how grateful he is for Adele, stating that they have helped each other immensely. He is currently in a happy place and believes that their relationship is thriving. Adele has been a wonderful addition to his life and he feels lucky to have her by his side.

During his conversation with Gayle King, Paul was questioned about the speculation surrounding his supposed marriage to Adele, but chose to be evasive in his answer.

He stated that one has the freedom to express themselves however they choose. However, he clarified that he, personally, prefers to keep his personal life confidential and not disclose it to the public. He further emphasized that he does not wish for the media to be involved in his private matters.

The news outlet, The Independent, has reached out to Adele's team for a statement.

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