Teacher accused of sex with teenagers 'laughed at boy's comment'

Rebecca Joynes

The court was told that a teacher has been accused of engaging in sexual activities with teenage boys. One of the boys stated that he was not old enough for such behavior, but the accused teacher merely laughed and told him to be quiet.

According to the Manchester Crown Court, Rebecca Joynes mentioned that she drove a 15-year-old boy to her residence after school, and they engaged in sexual intercourse.

In the court, a young individual identified as Boy A mentioned that they were not aware of the situation as they were not old enough to operate a vehicle. Ms Joynes reportedly laughed and responded by saying "stop saying that" in a dismissive tone.

Ms. Joynes, who is 30 years old, has been charged with six counts of involvement in sexual activities with a minor, out of which two instances occurred when she was in a position of responsibility or trust.

The jury was informed that she got pregnant by a different boy, Boy B, while she was out on bail for supposedly engaging in sexual activity with Boy A.

The jurors viewed a recorded testimony from Boy A that he had provided to the police officers.

He informed them that Ms Joynes had provided him with 10 digits of her phone number, and he determined the one digit that was missing to reach out to her for the first time.

They began exchanging messages on Snapchat just a few days ago. Then, on a Friday afternoon after school, he got out of his school uniform and met Ms Joynes at a pre-arranged place. She drove him home in her white Audi A1 car.

A young male informed the authorities that he anticipated carrying out the previously outlined itinerary, which involved visiting the Trafford Centre and subsequently returning to his partner's residence.

He stated that she informed him that he could visit her flat in Salford Quays. In response, he expressed that he preferred to remain where he was currently situated. She concurred with his decision.

Once Ms Joynes collected the adolescent, she drove to get her canine from the daycare center, after which she left it with her folks in Wirral. Ms Joynes informed the boy that she had arranged for her parents to keep the dog for the night.

Ms Joynes parked the vehicle in a different street and handed over the responsibility to the boy's mother. However, the boy mentioned that he thinks she might have missed it because of his youthful appearance.

The young man known as Boy A informed the police officer about a discussion that occurred during their trip.

He recounted: "She mentioned driving and I replied, 'I can't relate because I'm not of legal driving age.' She chuckled and retorted, 'Oh come on.' She then suggested that I cease repeating that response while laughing."

According to reports, it is alleged that Boy A claims to have received a Gucci designer belt worth £345 from Ms Joynes during their visit to the Trafford Centre. They later went back to her apartment and engaged in sexual activity on two separate occasions.

Joynes has rejected the accusation of committing two instances of sexual activity with Boy A, two instances of sexual activity with Boy B, and two instances of sexual activity with Boy B while in a position of trust.

The experimentation is still ongoing after a period of 14 days.

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