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Swords Of Legends Online Update Introduces Hard Mode Demon Battlefield Raid, Bet You Didn't See That Coming!

Swords Of Legends Online Patch Notes

It takes more than a single fight to keep hordes of demons at bay. Once you think you have them beaten and that they’ll be gone forever, they return – angrier and more powerful. When that happens it’s time to return to the battlefield and send them running again. Now is that time for Swords of Legends Online players, who must once again defeat these monsters in the Hard Mode version of the Demon Battlefield raid.

This new, more challenging raid is available today for groups of 10 to 20 players. Those wishing to take part will have a chance to earn Level 240 items among other things. Players can take on the raid once a week with resets taking place every Thursday.

In addition to the new raid, today’s update also introduces a Qixi Event – The Time of the Lovers. The event will run from now until August 24. During that time players can celebrate love by taking on daily quests. There are, of course, rewards to be had, including the player’s choice of one of two titles.

Other changes in this update include Season 9 of the game’s battle pass, Book of Mysteries for Item level 240, a new PvE runestone, and more. Battle Pass progress is now account-wide, which should make things a bit easier for players. Details on each can be found in the latest patch notes.

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