"United Utilities Collaborates For Sustainable Drainage"

United Utilities used two SuDS systems made by Story Homes in Carlisle and Wetheral. Wrenman Strategic Land made a third system in Lancaster.

These three solutions store extra rainwater and let it soak away naturally. They make pretty green spaces and increase biodiversity in the area.

The Head of Technical for Cumbria and Scotland at Story Homes, Graham Parker, said they made many SuDS schemes before. When they found out United Utilities wanted to try early adoption, they were excited to help out.

These systems have multiple benefits. They can handle surface water and take burden off the sewer system. Additionally, people can enjoy pleasant open spaces that are great for the environment.

The boss of Wrenman Strategic Land is Warren Cadman. He thinks SuDs can help fight climate change and improve project safety from floods and other environmental threats.

We made one of the first sites in the North West into a sustainable urban drainage scheme. Our experience showed that early assessment of surface water management needs is important for finding good land for developing homes and businesses.

We want to keep working with United Utilities. We agree that it's important to check how to manage surface water when planning new land.

United Utilities is still giving a discount of 90% for places that do not link their surface water drains to the existing sewers.

There's a short film about the project. You can watch it here.

United Utilities has given £1.5m to improve sustainable drainage at schools in the North West. It's called the Water for Schools programme.

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