The Paul Mescal guide to London: where to spot the actor in his short-shorts

Paul Mescal

Absolutely, he's a representative for Gucci and he's about to make his big screen debut as the incredibly fit Gladiator, but Paul Mescal is just like anyone else when it comes to his free time. He's a regular guy in his late 20s, but he definitely catches the attention of female fans his age whenever he's seen out and about - which seems to happen frequently.

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Even though he is originally from Ireland, he has made London his home since 2020. He gained popularity among fans for his habit of jogging around parks in London while wearing short shorts. He has fully embraced the London lifestyle and has shown that he has great preferences when it comes to his favorite places, such as dive bars and exclusive members' clubs. Recently, he was seen dining at the Michelin-star restaurant BRAT, and also attended the Glastonbury set of Charli XCX on the same weekend. It looks like he is truly living up to the idea of having a fun and carefree summer.

If you're interested in living a lifestyle similar to Paul Mescal in London (and there's a good chance you might bump into him since he has some time before his Gladiator promotion tour starts), we have all the information you need. Here's how you can enjoy the summer like the famous actor from Normal People.

Hipster Pubs Serve Amazing Whisky Sours

After starring in A Street Car Named Desire at the Almeida Theatre last year in N1, Paul seemed to have found his favorite spot at The Old Queen’s Head. There were rumors circulating that this was where the Irish lad from County Kildare would go to test his luck. A journalist from The Fence decided to investigate one evening to see if she could spot him trying to pick up someone. Although she didn't find him, it is still believed that he frequents the pub regularly.

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Although Paul may not be present, the pub still provides an enjoyable experience with a fun Tuesday night quiz, DJ sets on Fridays, and a tasty selection of burgers. It is known that Paul enjoys sipping on a Whisky Sour, specifically one made with Japanese whisky, at this venue.

In addition to the bars where Paul has been secretly filmed by other customers for TikTok or by paparazzi, there are popular spots like The Spurstowe Arms in East London near London Fields, and The Cavendish in Marylebone, where he was spotted with an unidentified woman last year.

Date Nights With Tapas

BRAT's anchovy toast is a must-try when visiting the restaurant.

Some people say that the trend of small plates is no longer popular, but Paul is still a big fan of sharing food. His favorite restaurant for this is BRAT, a Spanish restaurant in Shoreditch that has a Michelin star. He was recently spotted there with singer Gracie Abrams, and according to TMZ, they ordered a variety of dishes to share.

The famous actor from All of Us Strangers has shared that he enjoys anchovies with bread and butter, so make sure to include that in your order. However, it can be difficult to reserve a table at BRAT, especially with the opening of a second location at London Fields’ Climpson’s Arches.

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Bougie Bar Smoke Breaks

Smoking is making a comeback in 2024, with many people ditching vaping for cigarettes once again. Even during his intense Gladiator training, Paul was known to enjoy a cigarette. He admitted to Esquire that he made it clear to his trainer Tim that he wasn't going to quit smoking or drinking. So, he still takes breaks to go outside and have a smoke. Recently, he was photographed smoking with Natalie Portman at a popular spot in Islington, and who knows, maybe they'll be seen there again sharing a cigarette.

The cocktail bar, named after its address, used to be called The Bar With No Name and is known for its quick service and high-quality cocktails. It's definitely worth checking out just for the impressive drink-making skills. Let's have some whisky sours!

Acting Ecstatic And Unconventional

The Vinyl Lounge at House of Koko

Paul has been seen at KOKO in Camden multiple times. He has been seen dancing on the main dance floor during a show, but he usually hangs out in the members-only club, House of KOKO. He has been photographed at various events, including his sister Nell's EP launch. Paul and his fellow actors celebrated the last night of Streetcar Named Desire at KOKO after starting the night at the Groucho Club.

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Our insider says that out of all the rooms in the complex club, Paul is often seen entertaining guests in the comfortable booths of The Vinyl Room, a secret area with dedicated bartenders.

When he feels like having a lively night mingling with everyday people, the 28-year-old has also been spotted getting immersed in the music at Shacklewell Arms, the rundown location in Dalston that hosts a weekly 80's themed event.

Paul Mescal wearing his Gucci short shorts

Photographs from Gucci show off their collection, taken by Getty Images.

During the lockdown, people often saw Paul wearing his favorite Gaelic football shorts and Adidas trainers while he jogged around East London and Hyde Park without a shirt on. Recently, there have been rumors about his dating habits that have motivated his fans to start running too. It's been said that he has a tendency to leave women the morning after a date in the park, according to some TikToks. Despite these rumors, Paul Mescal has not responded and there are no first-hand accounts. However, this has led to the term "Mescal marathon" being used, suggesting that fans should use the idea of a park date with Paul as inspiration to go running.

It is true that he moves at a slower pace. He recently shared with Amelia Dimoldenberg from Chicken Shop Date that he enjoys leisurely walks, finding them romantic. He describes himself as a man who appreciates the simple things in life. It is common to spot him strolling around central London, wearing his sunglasses and appearing carefree and content.

Whether you choose to run or walk, make sure you're wearing your short shorts. When he's not wearing Gucci boxers, he usually opts for Irish lad favorite O'Neill's, which can be bought for only £16.

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