UFC Fight Night: Brendan Allen defeats Paul Craig with a third-round submission in Las Vegas

Paul Craig

In the central match of UFC Fight Night held in Las Vegas, Brendan Allen emerged victorious over Paul Craig by submitting him in the third round of their middleweight fight.

The fighter who is currently 27 years old won his match against his opponent by using a technique called "rear naked choke", which happened only 38 seconds into the round. This victory helped improve his overall record to 23-5.

At the same time, Craig's record dropped to 17 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie. He only managed to hit his opponent with 13 strikes while Allen struck him 52 times during their second middleweight fight. This was Craig's second time competing in this weight class since transitioning from the light-heavyweight division in July, and the difference was noticeable.

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Following his match, Allen confidently expressed his desire for his upcoming competition, hoping for a chance to compete for the middleweight championship.

He expressed his determination by saying, "I'm engaged in a battle, my friend. I aspire to become the No 1 challenger. I believe that I'm the most exceptional performer globally, and now, it's time to demonstrate it. If you disagree with me, then come forward and display it through your actions rather than empty words."

In my opinion, I believe I am entitled to it. I have worked hard and proven myself by defeating every opponent that was presented to me. I have even secured victories that ended in a knockout or submission.

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