Paul Craig

Who is Paul Craig?

Paul Craig is a renowned professor of English Law and a legal scholar at St John's College in Oxford. His research primarily focuses on public and administrative law, competition law, and EU law. He has written several books and articles that have contributed significantly to the fields of administrative and public law.

In addition to his work as a professor, Paul Craig has acted as a consultant to different organizations, including the UK government, the European Parliament, and the World Bank. His expertise has been sought by many organizations globally, and he has been a frequent speaker at various international conferences. Paul Craig is widely regarded as one of the leading scholars in public and administrative law, and his work has influenced and informed legal debates and decision-making processes in the UK and globally.

The Contributions of Paul Craig to Administrative Law

Paul Craig's research on administrative law has been instrumental in shaping and advancing the field. His work has focused on different aspects of administrative law, including judicial review and the role of courts in reviewing administrative decisions. His book, 'Administrative Law', is regarded as one of the most significant works on the subject.

Moreover, Paul Craig's research has also contributed to the debate on the relationship between administrative and constitutional law. His work emphasizes the need to ensure that administrative decision-making is consistent with the principles of constitutional law, particularly the rule of law and human rights. Paul Craig's contribution to administrative law has made him a respected scholar globally.

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