Arsenal legend Vieira eyeing Premier League return after Crystal Palace admission

Patrick Vieira

The Eagles fired Vieira following a series of 12 unsuccessful games and he has acknowledged that the decision was the correct one.

Despite the current situation, the French coach desires to not end his time coaching at the Premier League just yet. He has also given a subtle indication that he dreams of managing his former team, Arsenal, someday.

"I have a strong desire to return to the Premier League as it stands out as the superior league," expressed Vieira.

The Premier League is the top-notch platform that boasts of ace coaches, exceptional players and a league filled with limitless thrills. I nurture the desire to make a comeback to this arena someday.

My objective and motivation is to lead one of the teams where I once played, to participate in Champions League matches and strive to become champions.

In the world of sports, politics plays a vital role, and those who are clever usually make the appropriate moves at just the right moment. In the case of my departure from Crystal Palace, it was the appropriate decision to make, considering the remaining matches we had to play.

I don't pity myself. This is just how the industry works, and it reflects the society we live in. My main goal is to make wise choices, and over time I will become a more skilled manager.

Vieira jumped back into the role of manager pretty quickly after becoming the head of Strasbourg last year. He led the team to a quite satisfactory 13th place in Ligue 1 for the current season.

According to Vieira, the French club is a member of the BlueCo group, which also possesses Chelsea. Vieira also mentioned that they have ambitious goals for the upcoming time.

According to his interview on the Stick to Football podcast, Strasbourg has climbed up to higher levels compared to a decade ago. This significant improvement is due to one of the owners, Todd Boehly, who has become part of the Chelsea family.

Our goal is to participate in European football within the following three years. However, in light of our youth-oriented approach this year, we encountered some obstacles and faced many ups and downs. It was not easy, and we had to endure some tough periods.

"May our young talents stay with us and let's aim to enhance our team performance to secure a spot in the top 10 rankings next season. Who knows, perhaps we could even participate in European football competitions within the next two years."

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