Paddington 3 recasting backlash shows fans haven't learnt their lesson


In Paddington 3, Emily Mortimer has replaced Sally Hawkins to play the role of Mrs. Brown, which has left some fans of Paddington unhappy with the switch.

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Despite being announced in June of 2023, many individuals were still taken aback when the initial trailer for Paddington in Peru was unveiled. This preview showcased Mortimer's debut as Mrs Brown, which came as a surprise to many.

Overall, supporters were thrilled to see Paddington return after a lengthy hiatus of seven years. Nonetheless, many were disappointed by the absence of Hawkins from the film. They fear that the series will never be the same without her. Some people even proposed that Mortimer would have been a better fit to portray Mrs. Brown's sister rather than Mrs. Brown herself.

Preconceived notions are commonplace on the internet, but for those who adore Paddington, it should come as no surprise. Unfortunately, it also shows that some people have yet to understand the error in their ways.

Both Paddington and Paddington 2 received widespread praise and have become timeless favorites, most likely appearing on holiday TV listings for numerous years. Watching these movies will surely give you a heartwarming, joyful sensation, and are proven to motivate you to improve yourself.

It's quite simple to overlook the fact that the initial movie release had an unfavorable response. The internet's reaction towards the first movie before its debut would have displeased Aunt Lucy.

In March 2014, a teaser of the Paddington movie gave us a sneak peek of what the adorable bear would look like. However, it wasn't until June 2014 that we saw him in full view for the first time. He was depicted in a harmless picture outside Buckingham Palace, enjoying his favorite treat - marmalade.

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People did not respond to Paddington with love, but with ridicule. Some people believed that Paddington resembled a serial killer wearing a duffel coat, which gave rise to the Creepy Paddington meme. People began inserting the cute bear into classic horror films, adding a creepy twist to the innocent character.

Thankfully, the trailer release for Paddington 3 has not resulted in any hateful reactions towards Emily Mortimer, as true Paddington supporters have more decency than that.

Although there is a prevailing feeling that the upcoming movie won't match the quality of its predecessors due to the absence of Hawkins, it's not necessarily true. The preceding films have set the bar high, and it may seem challenging to live up to that standard. Nevertheless, we should have faith in the directors and acknowledge their capabilities.

It's evident that the creators have a deep concern for the iconic character and maintaining the high standard set by the previous two films. Despite the overwhelming positive feedback for Paddington 2, they have refrained from hastily producing a third movie.

The producers of Paddington 3 are now searching for a new director to replace Paul King. They have chosen Dougal Wilson, and fans are anticipating the new film with excitement. The first trailer is already out, featuring Olivia Colman as a singing nun and a comical scene with a passport photo. It is hoped that this trailer will assure fans that the right director has been chosen for the job.

We can confidently presume that the producers gave careful consideration to the decision of who to replace Mrs Brown with. Emily Mortimer is an accomplished actress in her own regard and her portrayal of the character may differ from her predecessor's, yet it is highly probable that the essence of the character will still be present.

We understand that you may feel upset about Sally Hawkins not returning and we share your feelings. However, the Paddington franchise has proven that it is worthy of our trust over making hasty decisions.

Remember what Aunt Lucy said: if we are nice and respectful, everything will be okay in the world.

The film called "Paddington in Peru" will be shown in cinemas in the United Kingdom starting on November 8th, 2024. The movie will also be released in theaters across the United States on January 17th, 2025.

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