CEO Targets $100M To Scan Every Eye


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The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has other plans than just creating AI chaos.

Altman is close to getting $100 million for Worldcoin. Financial Times reported this news. Worldcoin is one of Altman's ventures.

Worldcoin has a vague promise. It may include scanning people's eyes and giving them some cryptocurrency. They want to create powerful automation that will lead to abundance. They claim it will give rise to an "AI-funded UBI" era.

Investors are putting money into blockchain ventures despite the crypto crisis. This is surprising. It shows the buzz around things Altman does.

Worldcoin started in 2019 and became public in 2021. It didn't get much attention like OpenAI, especially after ChatGPT came out. But three investors have noticed it. The investors told FT.

The idea may seem strange, but it's becoming more popular. Fortune says 40,000 people per week use the company's device to scan their irises. Right now, they have 1.4 million users around the world.

Only a few people have signed up for the service. Many people think it is a scam. Buzzfeed reported that some people feel cheated. There are 8 billion people in the world, so only a tiny number have signed up.

To sum it up, we're not totally sold on Altman's experiment. However, ChatGPT did prove the doubters wrong. It's impressive that he's raising funds for a crypto venture in today's market.

Someone from the FT says it's a bear market and a crypto winter. They also say it's surprising that the project has gotten so much investment.

Let's talk about tech CEOs: some people have a theory about why Mark Zuckerberg spent so much money on the Metaverse. The Metaverse is like a virtual world where people can interact with each other. Some people think that Zuckerberg did it to distract from problems at Facebook. Facebook has been in trouble lately because of things like fake news and privacy concerns. So maybe Zuckerberg wanted to shift people's focus to something new and exciting. Others think that Zuckerberg is just really excited about the Metaverse. Either way, it's interesting to think about how tech CEOs shape our world.

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