Notts County win despite Bradford fightback

Notts County

Notts County Beats Bradford City 4-2 With Strong First Half

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Notts County managed to hold on to their lead in the second half against Bradford, securing a victory and putting their efforts to move up in League Two back on course.

The team representing the County played extremely well in the first half of the game with two players, David McGoldrick and Dan Crowley managing to score goals on either side of Macaulay Langstaff's two goals. Despite this, a mistake from Richard Brindley that resulted in an own goal and a goal from Jamie Walker caused some anxiety for the team representing the County towards the end of the game.

The tie was resolved within the opening five minutes, with McGoldrick capitalizing on a well-crafted play on the right-hand side. Shortly after, Langstaff managed to double the home team's lead through a deflected shot by John Bostock that found its way into the goal.

He obtained his second goal only six minutes later when Crowley assisted him, and later on, Crowley added another goal to the team with a splendid curling shot, making the score 4-0.

However, during the second half of the game, the visiting team put up a strong fight. Alex Gilliead's shot was deflected off Brindley, resulting in a decrease in the opposing team's score. Shortly after, Walker fired a shot that went beyond Sam Slocombe, which made for an intense ending to the match.

Langstaff came very close to achieving a hat-trick towards the end of the game. Bradford's striker, Andy Cook, also had his header saved right on the line. County managed to break their losing streak of two matches and prevent Graham Alexander from claiming his very first victory as the new Bradford manager.

The report on the match was provided by PA Media.

The game has finished and Notts County has won with a result of 4 goals, while Bradford City only managed to score 2.

The latter part of the game has come to a close, and the score is Notts County 4, Bradford City 2.

The referee gave Aden Baldwin of Notts County a warning by showing him a yellow card.

Aden Baldwin from Notts County has just earned a free kick in the half of the field where he is defending.

Brad Halliday from Bradford City committed a violation.

The waiting period has ended and now they are prepared to proceed.

The game had to be paused due to Sam Slocombe's (from Notts County) injury.

The endeavor was prevented from scoring. Andy Cook (Bradford City) used his head to try and score from the left side of the six yard box but was ultimately stopped by the goalkeeper, who made a save in the bottom left corner. Brad Halliday lent a helping hand by providing a cross.

The effort was rejected. Alex Gilliead of Bradford City tried to shoot with his right foot from beyond the penalty area, but it was thwarted by a defender. Richard Smallwood helped by passing the ball to Gilliead.

Aaron Nemane (Notts County) committed a foul.

The team player of Bradford City, Matthew Platt, has been awarded a free kick in the defensive area.

The player from Bradford City, Alex Gilliead, tried to score a goal but was unsuccessful as the goalkeeper stopped the ball from entering the top left corner of the net. Harry Lewis assisted him with the shot.

The shot from Macaulay Langstaff with his right foot from the right side of the box was unsuccessful as it missed to the left.

In the defensive half, Richard Brindley (from Notts County) earns a free kick.

Andy Cook (Bradford City) committed a violation.

At the Corner, Notts County, Jamie Walker made an error causing a goal to be conceded.

The ball went out of play at the corner spot of Notts County's side. Jamie Walker is responsible for allowing the other team to gain possession of the ball.

In the corner area of the field, Notts County faced a defeat when Ciarán Kelly let the opposing team score.

Bradford City has been caught offside due to Brad Halliday being in an offside position. Richard Smallwood attempted to pass the ball forward, but unfortunately, it did not work out.

Junior Morias (Notts County) took a shot with his left foot from the left side of the box, but he missed to the left of the goal. Aaron Nemane assisted with the move.

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