Forest beat League One Blackpool in FA Cup thriller

Nottingham Forest

Andrew Omobamidele has participated in a total of five club matches this season. In August, he played four games with Norwich and this most recent match was his debut with Nottingham Forest.

Nottingham Forest, who belong to the Premier League, had to play longer than the usual ninety minutes to win against Blackpool, who belong to League One, in an exciting match for the third round of the FA Cup replay that took place at Bloomfield Road.

Forest seemed to be comfortably heading towards the fourth round of the game until Danilo scored another goal just a minute into the second half, following Andrew Omobamidele's Forest debut goal at the 16th minute mark.

However, Blackpool made an impressive comeback amidst the noisy atmosphere of Bloomfield Road.

Albie Morgan made amends for his earlier mistake that led to Danilo's goal by scoring a spectacular goal from a distance of 25 yards. As if that wasn't thrilling enough, Kyle Joseph, who came in as a substitute, added to the excitement by scoring a goal from up close, leveling the score at 2-2 and setting the stage for a nail-biting finish.

Later on, during the extra eighth minute, Blackpool came close to scoring but their shot was hindered by Orel Mangala who defended the goal line robustly. This happened after Karamoko Dembele had outsmarted Forest's goalkeeper, Odysseas Vlachodimos.

In the beginning of the second part of the extended time, the away team once again gained the advantage when Ryan Yates passed a ball along the ground from the left side which was then converted into a goal by Chris Wood. This goal was the deciding factor in the game.

The team of Nuno Espirito Santo will have an upcoming game on Friday, January 26th in the fourth round, which will be played in Bristol City.

Kouyate Honored By Touching Forest Tribute

In the first game, Blackpool was ahead by two goals, but Forest managed to make a comeback and tie the game at 2-2, thus leading to a replay. However, the second match was a reversal of fortunes, as the higher ranked team lost their lead. It took place at Bloomfield Road.

During the initial half of the match, Forest appeared to have everything under control, without any indication of the upcoming intense scene.

Omobamidele, who plays for the Republic of Ireland, made his first appearance for Forest during the current transfer window. He transferred from Norwich City for a fee of £11m. During the game, he scored a goal by volleying in at the back post after Yates flicked on a corner taken by Nicolas Dominguez.

Following a goal, a heartfelt display was made in honor of Cheikhou Kouyate, a midfielder for Forest. Kouyate was away with his home country Senegal for the Africa Cup of Nations but left early on Wednesday due to the tragic passing of his father.

During the match, Omobamidele brought out a shirt that had the number 8 of his colleague Kouyate on the back with the message 'Thinking of you.' After the game concluded, all the Forest players posed for a photo while wearing the commemorative shirt.

In the second half, Murillo managed to score a second goal for Forest just one minute after the break. This was due to a bad pass from Morgan, which allowed Murillo to take advantage and shoot. Unfortunately, the goalkeeper for the home team, Daniel Grimshaw, was injured while trying to save Murillo's shot and had to leave the game. Murillo was able to convert the rebound and score the goal that gave Forest a 2-0 lead.

However, Morgan redeemed himself with a remarkable goal from a distance of 25 yards, giving Blackpool a glimpse of hope to create an upset. Soon after, Joseph scored a goal from a short-range header, making it 2-2 and setting the stage for an exciting finish.

Forest regained the lead when Wood successfully scored with only 10 minutes of extra time remaining, however, the match wasn't over yet as there was still a chance for more exciting events to take place.

After goalkeeper Richard O'Donnell was swapped out, he moved forward to assist with a corner in the 122nd minute. However, Forest made a rapid strategic move in response but couldn't capitalize on it since their long-range shot missed the goal.

Last season, Forest lost 4-1 when they played against Blackpool at Bloomfield Road during the third round of the FA Cup. However, they managed to maintain their advantage in an exciting match to avoid a repeat of their previous defeat and move on to the next round.

The triumph was a gratifying victory for Forest, achieved through persistent struggle following a difficult week.

It was announced on Monday that they and Everton have been accused of violating the Premier League's rules on profit and sustainability. They could potentially receive a penalty that risks their future in the league.

However, they managed to maintain their presence in the FA Cup and steered clear of the possibility of a humiliating elimination.

Give a score from 1 to 10 to the players either during or after the game. The scoring system will be finalized half an hour after the match has ended.

The rating scale goes from key1 which is the lowest rating to 10 which represents pure perfection.

The player known as CJ Hamilton is assigned the squad number 22.

Player Williams is assigned the squad number 7.

Jersey number 3 belongs to Nuno Tavares on the team.

The game is over with Blackpool scoring 2 and Nottingham Forest scoring 3.

The game between Blackpool and Nottingham Forest has come to a close with a final score of 2-3. This was the end of the second half extra time.

Albie Morgan from Blackpool made a right footed attempt from the left side at a far distance, but it was stopped by the opposing team.

Gonzalo Montiel from Nottingham Forest receives a cautionary yellow card.

Joe Worrall (Nottingham Forest) made a foul.

There has been a free kick awarded to Shayne Lavery who plays for Blackpool and it is located on the left side of the field.

The shot made by Brandon Aguilera (Nottingham Forest) with his left foot from a distance of more than 35 yards failed to hit the target. This was after a quick attack, with an assist by Orel Mangala.

The ball went out of the playing field at the corner near Blackpool. Scott McKenna was responsible for the mistake.

Brandon Aguilera (Nottingham Forest) committed a foul.

On the right sideline, Karamoko Dembélé of Blackpool obtains a free kick.

The effort has been thwarted. Callum Connolly of Blackpool tried a shot with his right foot from beyond the penalty area but it was obstructed.

Gonzalo Montiel (Nottingham Forest) committed a violation.

Shayne Lavery from Blackpool earns a free kick in the area near their own goal.

The try was stopped. Danilo, who plays for Nottingham Forest, took a shot using his left foot from the center of the box, but the goalkeeper saved it in the bottom left area. Brandon Aguilera helped Danilo with the shot.

The referee flashed a yellow card to Chris Wood, a player from Nottingham Forest.

Nottingham Forest just committed an offside infraction as Chris Wood was found to be offside.

The shot was unsuccessful. Andrew Lyons from Blackpool attempted a header in the middle of the box but missed to the right. Albie Morgan assisted by giving a cross.

The save was successful. Chris Wood (Nottingham Forest) used his right foot to shoot from the middle of the box, but it was saved in the middle of the goal. Brandon Aguilera assisted him with a through ball.

Chris Wood (Nottingham Forest) has committed a foul.

Marvin Ekpiteta from Blackpool has earned a free kick while positioned in their own half of the field.

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