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Blog post last revised on November 20th, 2023 at 9:51pm GMT.

Northern Ireland caused a shock upset to Denmark, who were previously thought to be likely attendees at Euro 2024.

A youthful Northern Ireland squad put on an impressive display, defeating Denmark 2-0 at Windsor Park with goals courtesy of Issac Price and Dion Charles.

Before the match started, the Danish team had already guaranteed their spot in the upcoming European Championships. On the other hand, Northern Ireland was aware that their opportunity to compete in the tournament had already passed.

The group of players who had an average age of 24 performed exceptionally well. They had a great opportunity to score during the first half even though no goals were scored. However, they did manage to score two incredible goals after half-time thanks to their skillful counter-attacking tactics. As a result, their coach Michael O'Neill was extremely pleased with their performance.

Jamal Lewis excelled on the left side by successfully evading a few players and initiating an offensive play. He passed the ball to Dion Charles, who spotted Shea Charles alone. There was a lot of excitement among the crowd as the attack unfolded. Eventually, Isaac Price was given a chance to shoot and he took it, successfully beating Kasper Schmeichel with a powerful shot that went past him at the closest post.

Denmark responded by substituting an experienced player and trying their best to score an equalizer. However, the team playing at home was the one that managed to score the winning second goal.

The ball sent by George Saville was excellent as it was precisely aimed to reach Conor McMenamin who came in as a substitute. McMenamin did an excellent job of receiving the ball, moving past his opponent, and delivering an ideal cross that enabled Dion Charles to score effortlessly as he was not being guarded at the far post.

In the group standing, Denmark has secured the first position together with Slovenia by earning the same amount of points. However, Finland will move forward to the play-off competition.

The second point scored during the game was simply outstanding, masterfully crafted to grant Dion Charles the recognition he earned through his outstanding play.

The Northern Ireland squad executed a remarkable coordinated play that resulted in them getting the first point of the night.

Northern Ireland secures a breathtaking victory in a full-time match.

The referee has blown the final whistle, but the cheers of the happy fans are so loud that you can hardly hear it. The fans just watched Northern Ireland play an incredible game of football. Even though they couldn't qualify for the Euros next summer, Northern Ireland still ended their qualifying campaign brilliantly with two goals in the second half. Everything looks promising for their future based on their performance tonight.

Hazard managed to make an impressive save, but unfortunately, the ball bounced around erratically and ended up not going in. It's safe to say that Northern Ireland came out on top this time around.

Hazard has just made a move where he tipped the ball over the bar and due to this, Northern Ireland had to clear the corner. The crowd is supporting the team thoroughly now. It seems like they have secured the win for the game.

The Danish team has already earned their spot in the competition, but losing in this upcoming game will be a letdown for a group of players who have a lot of skill. Is it possible for them to make a sudden and impressive comeback as the game reaches its final moments?

The talented Dion Charles got injured and was substituted, receiving a round of applause from the crowd.

The team from Northern Ireland has been put under a tremendous amount of pressure throughout the game. Despite not having control of the ball for much of the time, they have proven that they still have the ability to generate opportunities and score spectacular goals. This accomplishment is a testament to the talent and efforts of both the players and coaches, and it provides promising prospects for upcoming competitions.

Wow! Northern Ireland scores again to make it 2-0 and it's another fantastic goal from the home team. A brilliant sequence of passes leads up to the moment when McMenamin sets up Dion Charles for the finish. Simply outstanding.

The spectators are cheering loudly at every error made by Denmark, including when Hojbjerg made a pass that went too far. As a result, Northern Ireland took advantage of this pause in the action to slow down the game.

Isaac Price and Dale Taylor have been substituted, while the player who scored a goal was applauded by the crowd. McMenamin and Smyth have replaced them on the field.


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The news is out that Jonas might replace Hjulmand for the Danish team, and this change is not related to the direction of the wind. This will be the fifth time that Denmark makes a substitution, as they have been playing well, but not at their best level yet.

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If the young team manages to win tonight, it would greatly benefit them as they are currently undergoing a period of change.

Since making the triple substitution, Denmark has been performing at their utmost potential, intensifying the pressure on their opponents. The end of the evening is sure to be captivating.

Hojbjerg attempts a shot from the vicinity of the penalty area, but it is not the most impressive attempt and is greeted with mocking cheers from the excited audience at home.

Excitement is in the air at Windsor Park, as the possibility of a major victory looms. Achieving this feat would be an impressive accomplishment for this youthful team, but there are still many challenges to overcome before that can become a reality.

As soon as the visitors fell behind, they quickly made some changes. Daramy, Jensen, and O’Riley were taken off the field, and were substituted with Hojbjerg, Delaney, and Vestergaard, who are considered to be important players. This all happened in a short amount of time.

The goal was absolutely beautiful, as Lewis, Dion Charles, and Shea Charles worked together in an impressive play, which was perfectly completed by Price.

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