Hamas hostage Noa celebrates taste of freedom

Noa Argamani

Today, Noa Argamani was reunited with her father after being held captive for a harrowing 245 days in the troubled Gaza Strip.

Earlier today, Noa was one of four hostages who were dramatically rescued by IDF forces after being taken captive by Hamas on a motorcycle back on October 7th.

Noa, a 26-year-old woman, was captured at the Supernova Music Festival and hadn't seen her father in over six months. On his birthday, they were finally reunited in a highly emotional scene.

The video demonstrated Noa's successful transition into civilian life, capturing her embrace with her father Yakov, as well as phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which she expressed her sense of ease and happiness.

Noa is hoping to reunite with her mother, Liora Argamani, who has fervently expressed her desire to see her daughter after being diagnosed with fourth-stage cancer.

Noa shows happiness as she enjoys a glass of Coca-Cola with her dad Yakov, following their reunion earlier today.

On October 7, Noa Argamani was taken captive by Hamas, but she has now been reunited with her father.

that occurred in Jerusalem last week. Witnesses reported seeing the young woman being forcibly taken while riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. The incident took place during a series of violent attacks carried out by terrorists, which has left the city in a state of shock and grief. Noa's family and friends are understandably distraught and are seeking any information that could lead to her safe return. The police are currently investigating the matter, and the community is rallying together to support Noa and her loved ones during this difficult time.

Noa, a 26-year-old individual, was forcefully taken from the Nova music festival on October 7 and transferred to Gaza against their will.

At present, only 19 females, including Noa, are under the captivity of the extremist organization.

In January, Hamas was seen in a disturbing video where they were holding hostages.

. Liora Argamani, the mother of Noa, has been diagnosed with advanced stage brain cancer. She has continuously expressed her longing to meet her daughter once more.

On October 7, Hamas took Noa Argamani into Gaza, which made headlines globally.

Pictures of her being taken away on a motorbike with her partner Avinatan Or, caused shock for people who saw it and received global criticism for Hamas.

During the month of January, Hamas unveiled a disturbing recording featuring Noa who appeared to be under coercion while being captive. Noa can be heard pleading with Netanyahu to end the conflict and facilitate their safe return to their homeland.

The leader of Israel promised to conquer Hamas and free all captives, even though allies and opponents are asking for a stop in the fighting.

The mission to save Noa was the most prevalent and thriving one amid the ongoing warfare.

On January 21st, individuals named Almog Meir, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv were found during a mission that took place during the day. This occurred in two different parts of Nuseirat's central area.

Israel has reported that over 130 individuals are being held hostage, with roughly 25% of them suspected to have passed away. However, disagreements over how to recover the hostages are causing further division among the nation.

After being freed, Noa was seen having a Coke with her dad and recorded answering calls from President Isaac Herzog and Netanyahu.

In a video shared by his office, she expressed her joy at being present during her conversation with Herzog.

Expressing gratitude, she spoke to her father inside the hospital room and conveyed her appreciation for all that he had done for her and the present moment they were sharing.

In a different recording, during a phone conversation with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Noa expressed her emotions, stating, "This is touching. It's been a while since I last heard Hebrew."

During the morning of October 7, she and her boyfriend, Avinatan Or, were abducted from the Supernova festival. As of now, it is thought that her boyfriend is still being held captive.

The IDF, ISA, and 'Yamam' forces saved the hostages from two different places in Nuseirat, as stated in a released statement.

They are in a healthy state and have been taken to the medical center called 'Sheba' Tel-HaShomer for additional examinations.

Security personnel will keep working tirelessly to safely rescue the hostages and bring them back to their homes.

The front cover of The Mail On Sunday newspaper on October 7th displayed a distressing appeal from Noa, which read "Please don't murder me".

On June 8th, 2024, in Ramat Gan, Israel, a group of individuals greeted the Israeli Defense Forces as they departed in a helicopter following a successful mission of rescuing hostages and transporting them to Tel HaShomer hospital.

There was a helicopter and some special forces from Israel standing outside of Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv today.

Today, a young adult named Almog Meir, aged 21, who was one of the four Israeli hostages that were saved, disembarked from a vehicle and was transported to the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

Today, emotional footage was captured of Noa embracing her father after enduring an extended period of captivity.

In a different recording, Noa expressed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a phone conversation, "I am filled with emotion. It's been quite a while since I last heard Hebrew."

The Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, has given his approval for a mission to rescue hostages, alongside IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, Head of the IDF's Intelligence Directorate, Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva, and Maj. Gen. (Res.) Nitsan Alon.

The Israeli army's representative, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, stated that the military operation happened in two different buildings situated at the center of a residential area where civilians reside.

During the attacks that occurred within the buildings and while escaping from Gaza amidst the firing, our troops successfully saved our kidnapped individuals, as shared by Hagari during a broadcasted address.

Noa had a discussion with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu greets Noa and welcomes her back home.

Noa: Thanks a lot.

Netanyahu: How do you feel, Noa?

Noa is feeling thrilled because it has been a while since she had the opportunity to converse in Hebrew.

Netanyahu states, it is crucial that both Hebrew and at home are spoken. We have constantly supported you and never lost faith. Despite any doubts, we stayed committed and saw the positive outcome.

Noa: Thank you very much.

Netanyahu: May your family be blessed by God, and please give your mother a hug from me and my wife.

Noa: Thank you very much.

During the operation that happened at approximately 11:00 am (0800 GMT), an Israeli soldier suffered severe injuries, according to the source.

This morning's communication to Hamas is concise: we are resolute in our objective of returning all kidnapped individuals to their families.

I've been working for Israel's defense establishment for 47 years, and I must say that this operation is one of the most heroic and remarkable that I've seen.

The Israeli Defense Forces, Internal Security Agency, and elite troops, along with their supporting units, have carried out a remarkable mission. It was a bold endeavor, expertly planned and executed with exceptional skill.

He further added that the soldiers displayed immense bravery while dealing with intense gunfire in the intricate cityscape of Gaza.

I cannot recall ever carrying out such intensive operations with such a high level of cooperation and accomplishment.

Earlier today, a representative from the military shared that the operation to save the individuals had been in the works for several weeks.

A video in grayscale depicted the departure of three captives aboard an Israeli helicopter following their liberation earlier in the day.

The IDF just carried out their most successful operation in eight months of fighting. Groups that support hostages still being held in Gaza were extremely happy about it.

The Headquarters of the Hostage Families Forum is a volunteer group created to aid in the return of hostages. They described the rescue of the four hostages as a miraculous achievement and urged the Israeli government to bring back the remaining hostages.

In a statement, it was mentioned that the IDF carried out a heroic operation to rescue and bring back Noa Argamani, Shlomi Ziv, Andrey Kozlov, and Almog Meir Jan. This incredible achievement by the IDF is truly a miracle.

At present, there is a feeling of positivity and happiness in Israel, however it is important for the Israeli administration to uphold their promise of rescuing the remaining 120 captives held captive by Hamas. Those who are still alive need to be provided with rehabilitation services, and the deceased should be given appropriate burial.

We urge the global community to put pressure on Hamas and make them agree to the proposed deal and set free the remaining 120 hostages as soon as possible, time is of the essence.

In November, Yakov, who is Noa's father, stated that the medical experts had informed him that his wife, Liora, does not have much time left to live.

In November, Yakov is sitting with Noa's companions, who organized a musical tribute for Noa and her significant other Avi Natan, who were both kidnapped at the Nova festival.

A footage reportedly surfaced on social networking sites, presenting Noa being held captive in Gaza.

On October 7, Avi Nathan, the boyfriend of the woman who was kidnapped, was also caught on video and seen being taken against his will. Avi Nathan feels lost and powerless, and unfortunately, he is still presumed to be held captive.

In 2023, a picture was captured of Avi Natan, who was also taken against their will from the Nova festival.

Almog Meir Jan, who was held captive, has been freed and he expressed his relief after emerging safely from the central Gaza Strip on Saturday. He was visibly emotional when he returned to Ramat Gan, Israel today.

had freed him from captivity in Syria. Andrey Kozlov, a hostage who was set free, expresses his response to the military's announcement that Israeli forces had rescued him from his imprisonment in Syria.

In the ongoing attacks of October, a hostage from Israel named Andrey Kozlov was taken captive. The exact date of his kidnapping has not been disclosed yet.

Shlomi Ziv has been saved too. He was taken hostage during the Nova music festival.

Almog Meir has been located as well. He was apprehended at the Nova music festival.

The relatives of the hostages showed their emotional response as they headed towards a medical facility, following the announcement by the military that the Israeli forces had successfully saved four hostages from the central Gaza Strip earlier today.

According to a Hamas representative, the release of four hostages by Israel after a span of nine months is not a success but rather a demonstration of defeat.

A representative stated that numerous individuals, among them kids, have passed away or sustained injuries in the mission.

Truly, the operation conducted on Saturday is the greatest rescue of hostages who are still alive since the war began. This has led to the total of saved captives reaching seven, out of the two hundred and fifty that were taken in October.

In February, soldiers went into a highly protected flat located in a crowded city to save two men, and in October's attack, a woman was saved shortly after.

The Israeli military has found and retrieved a minimum of 16 hostage corpses from Gaza, as reported by the government.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, is under increasing pressure to put a stop to the conflict in Gaza. A lot of Israelis are urging him to accept the deal that was announced by President Joe Biden in the previous month. However, the far-right allies that he has are warning him that his government may disintegrate if he agrees to the deal.

In Tel Aviv, protests demanding a ceasefire and the safe return of hostages still being held in Gaza are being organized and attended by families of the hostages and their supporters within Israel. These protests have been ongoing and have drawn large crowds.

Allies of Israel from other countries and people who criticize Israel, along with the groups that are helping the people in the Gaza Strip, have asked the government to do everything they can to make peace with Hamas after eight months of violence.

Today in London, a march was held for the 15th time by various groups from different parts of the country who were working together to demand a cessation of hostilities.

The attack launched by Israel has resulted in the death of around 36,000 Palestinians, as per the Health Ministry of Gaza. It's noteworthy that the ministry's data omits any segregation between combatants and non-combatants.

The act of saving people happened when Israel was in a delicate situation. This was because they were being criticized for the deaths of innocent citizens in Gaza, and the situation was getting worse for people who needed help.

People all over the world were filled with fear and shock after hearing the news that 39 individuals lost their lives in a United Nations school located in the heart of Gaza just a few days ago.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) stated that the building was being utilized as a headquarters for Hamas.

There was an expectation that Benny Gantz, a minister in the Israeli war cabinet, would declare his resignation from the emergency government today. However, he called off the planned statement scheduled for this afternoon because Israel revealed the releases of hostages.

If Gantz departs, Netanyahu will no longer have the support of a group of centrist politicians who have been crucial in expanding Israel's government's backing both domestically and internationally. This loss of support will come at a time when Israel is facing growing pressure on both diplomatic and domestic fronts.

Netanyahu would have to depend heavily on the support of ultra-nationalist parties instead. These parties' leaders already annoyed the United States even before the war, and they still want a full Israeli takeover of Gaza.

Experts predict that this could worsen the already existing tension between the United States and Israel and amplify the demand from the Israeli public, as the military operation that has been ongoing for months has yet to accomplish its objectives, which are to eliminate Hamas and rescue the remaining 120 hostages detained in Gaza.

Relatives and advocates of captives respond to the update of the successful release.

Those who are in favor of the hostages are anxiously waiting for any updates regarding the operation to rescue them.

Noa expressed her emotions during a phone conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a separate video, stating that hearing the Hebrew language after a prolonged absence was stirring.

Family members of the Israeli hostages who were rescued and released take a photo with an Israeli flag at the Sheba Tel-HaShomer Medical Centre in Ramat Gan on the 8th of June, 2024.

There has been a response from individuals following the announcement by the military stating that Israeli troops managed to rescue four captives.

, 2021. The distressing video revealed the capture of Noa, an Israeli citizen, by Hamas. She was taken to Gaza on a motorbike, as seen in the image, on October 7, 2021.

The image featuring Noa, who had raised her arms and was shouting for assistance from her boyfriend, has become distinctly identifiable in relation to the atrocities. The Mail on Sunday had released this photo on the 8th of October.

The administration has reached a crucial achievement by releasing four hostages today. This will aid in sustaining support for their operations in Gaza.

The world was stunned by the abduction of Noa Argamani, who was taken captive during a peace festival in southern Israel on October 7. This incident also led to Israel launching a military operation in Gaza.

Following Noa's capture, she was featured in a frightening hostage video in January where she spoke directly to the camera along with her fellow hostages, Yossi Sharabi (53) and Itai Svirsky (38).

The two males were later informed to have passed away, and Noa was compelled to declare their demise.

On May 31, Hamas released a video which was considered as a tactic of 'psychological terror'. The video featured a voice assumed to be Noa Argamani's.

Her family and supporters have expressed strong disapproval, urging the government to take action to repatriate her and the other hostages being held in Gaza.

The sound attributed to Noa expressed: 'I am confined with the Al-Qassam Brigades [the militant branch of Hamas].'

I have been trapped for over 237 days and am uncertain when my confinement will end.

To the citizens of Israel, I ask: Have you formed an alliance with Netanyahu, Gallant, and Gantz? Is it possible that myself and my associates will end up in a similar situation as Ron Arad?

Back in 1986, Ron Arad, an Israeli air force member, had to eject from his aircraft while on a mission in southern Lebanon. Unfortunately, he was captured and held as a prisoner. Israel has made several attempts to find him over the years but has had no success. As time has passed, it is now believed that he has passed away.

The Argamani Family issued a statement through the Hostages & Missing Families Forum when the video started circulating. They requested that it should not be aired.

Shortly thereafter, the forum issued a statement that authorized the dissemination of the video with the family's consent.

The Argamani family gave permission for a video to be used that had audio of Noa Argamani while she was being held captive by Hamas, after carefully considering the circumstances and receiving more details.

In addition to Noa's vocalization, her family displays some sketches that they assume are Noa's doodles.

In the neighborhood of Florentin in Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 11, 2024, a picture of Noa can be observed on a poster.

On May 31st, it was reported that Noa's vocals were audible, along with illustrations that her relatives presume were made by the youthful lady.

On October 7, Israeli citizens were forcibly removed from the street and transported back into Gaza.

, 2021. The video revealed that people were being forced to move from one place to another by the terrorist group. The event was caught on camera and shared widely online, sparking global concern. On the 7th of October 2021, a video was circulated, which showed the act of Hamas militants taking hostages into the Gaza Strip. The clip exhibited how people were compelled by the terrorist organization to relocate from one area to another. This incident was captured on tape and disseminated on the internet, raising anxiety across the globe.

People watching were also moved by the critical condition of Noa's mother who is currently in China suffering from terminal brain cancer.

Liora Argamani has expressed many times that she wants to reunite with her daughter. Towards the end of last year, she begged US President Joe Biden to opportunity to embrace her daughter for the final time before her passing.

Her statement was: 'I have an incurable Stage 4 brain cancer.'

Before I say goodbye to my family forever, all I can think about is the opportunity to embrace my daughter, who is my only offspring, one more time.

Noa, my daughter, possesses a remarkable ability to spread cheerfulness and bounce back from setbacks with incredible ease.

She adores dancing, enjoys listening to music, and relishes spending time with her loved ones.

During the month of March, she appealed once again to the President by conveying her message through a video. Her words were full of sorrow as she stated, "I am deeply pained. Firstly, my body is not functioning as it should. Secondly, my daughter is being held as a captive."

After the abduction, whenever I observe her expression in this photo, it leaves me emotional.

She begged, expressing how gorgeous and remarkable her daughter is, and how she desires to have one more chance to see and talk to her.

Dear President Joe Biden, I am making a heartfelt plea to you as I am running out of time. This request might be my final wish, and I am imploring you to consider it.

On Saturday, Noa Argamani and three other Israeli hostages were welcomed back by U.S. President Joe Biden.

During a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, Biden expressed his enthusiasm for the release of the hostages and promised that they will continue to work towards bringing all hostages home and achieving a ceasefire.

Today, in Deir al Balah, Palestinians are moving away wounded and deceased people due to the attack carried out by Israel in Gaza Strip.

Today, a man from Palestine can be seen carrying someone who has been harmed due to the effects of an attack by Israel.

Today, people in the Gaza Strip had to move the injured and deceased away from the area due to heavy Israeli bombings. These were Palestinian individuals who were affected by the intense attack and had to be carried to safety.

Today, in Deir al Balah, Palestinian people moved away individuals who had passed away or experienced injury from the area.

, 2021. Thick smoke rises from Deir al-Balah located in the central area of the Gaza Strip due to the intense bombing by Israeli forces on June 6th, 2021.

Assistance organizations are voicing their concerns as the Gaza Strip remains under intense attack and bombardment.

, 2021. On June 6, 2021, in Nuseirat, a Palestinian girl observed as individuals inspected a UN school that had sheltered people who had been displaced by Israeli bombing.

, 2021. The tense situation in the Middle East continues to escalate as violence between Israel and Palestine intensifies. In the latest altercation, Israeli strikes hit a UN school, leading to the death of at least 10 Palestinian civilians. The school was reportedly being used as a shelter for families who had fled their homes due to the ongoing conflict. As tensions continue to rise, the international community is calling for an immediate ceasefire to prevent further loss of life. The UN has condemned the attack on the school, stating that the targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure is a violation of international humanitarian law. The situation remains volatile, with no clear resolution in sight.

The Israeli armed forces announced today that they were aiming to destroy areas known to be used by terrorists in the Nuseirat region.

According to a hospital in Gaza, bombings carried out by Israel in the central regions of the territory, such as the Nuseirat camp, caused the death of at least 15 individuals on Saturday.

Dr. Khalil al-Dakran, the representative for Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital, stated to AFP that there were over fifteen fatalities and many more injured individuals who were taken to the hospital as a result of powerful airstrikes conducted by Israeli forces in the central governorate.

According to Dakran, the victims were from the Nuseirat camp area and Deir al-Balah, where the hospital is situated.

Hamas released a statement saying that numerous bodies of individuals who gave their lives for their cause, as well as those who were injured, are currently scattered across the streets and safe areas.

The group stated that the Israeli military was carrying out a cruel and violent attack on the Nuseirat camp.

In a video from AFPTV, it was seen that a lot of smoke was coming out from different buildings located in Nuseirat.

The media office of Hamas's government reported that Israeli attacks on a Gaza camp in the central region resulted in the death of at least 210 individuals on Saturday. In addition, four hostages were freed from the location.

The office reported in the afternoon that the amount of people who have died as a result of the Israeli occupation's attack on the Nuseirat camp has increased to 210. Additionally, over 400 people have been injured.

Over the past few weeks, the armed forces have launched vigorous attacks by air and on land in the vicinity of Nuseirat.

Last Thursday, there was an attack on a school that had been transformed into a shelter for those supported by the UNRWA, which is an agency that helps Palestinian refugees. The Al-Aqsa hospital has reported that the attack caused a death toll of 37 people.

The Israeli army admitted that it executed an attack in the Nuseirat refugee camp that aimed at the UN school. They claimed that they killed 17 individuals classified as 'terrorists' during the operation.

During the month of February, two individuals were rescued as part of a rescue mission. However, according to the health department under Hamas' authority in Gaza, the mission also led to the death of roughly 100 individuals in Rafah, located in southern Gaza, due to intense air strikes.

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