Nigel Farage set for testicle-chomping ‘I’m A Celebrity’ reality show

Nigel Farage

LONDON - Forget about the nonsense of animals, introducing Nigel Farage.

Following various rumors, the divisive ex-chief of the Brexit Party was officially announced on Monday evening as a participant on the latest season of “I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!” This popular British reality TV program features individuals who are sent to the Australian wilderness to undertake difficult challenges, commonly known as “bushtucker trials,” in order to secure the public's vote.

Before, individuals have eaten camel testicles, bitten into crocodile anus, and even found themselves trapped inside a cage packed with snakes.

Farage, who had a long career as an MEP and played a role in pushing for a Brexit referendum, recently expressed his motives for participating in the show. He explained that he had been negatively portrayed by those in power and had hopes of connecting with a younger generation.

In casual language, it was mentioned that Farage expressed his wish to prove that he's not a bad person. When questioned about his chances of remaining in the competition, he opined that despite receiving widespread hatred, he believes some viewers will vote for him to take on various challenges.

There have been other politicians who have participated in the reality TV show "I'm A Celebrity" before Farage.

Matt Hancock, an ex-Health Secretary, will be taking part in the forthcoming season of the show in 2022. Nadine Dorries, who was previously a Conservative MP, participated in the program in 2012. Unfortunately, she lost support from the Conservative Party after taking a leave of absence to appear on the show.

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