Nigel Farage and Guardian critic Grace Dent to appear on I’m a Celebrity

Nigel Farage

This year's edition of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! is set to feature stomach-churning bushtucker trials that will have celebrities like Nigel Farage and Grace Dent bracing themselves for the challenge. Dent is a renowned restaurant critic at The Guardian, while Farage is a well-known politician and public figure. They are just two of the high-profile names that will be taking part in the show, which promises to be a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience for all involved.

Fred Sirieix, who is in charge of the restaurant on Channel 4's dating show First Dates, will be joining Josie Gibson, a presenter on This Morning, and Sam Thompson, a previous star on Made in Chelsea, in the jungle.

Jamie Lynn Spears, who is famous for playing in Zoey 101, a successful Nickelodeon series, is more recognized in the United Kingdom as the younger sister of Britney Spears. She is scheduled to appear in the upcoming event.

Marvin Humes, once a part of the boyband JLS and now a radio DJ, will be starring alongside Danielle Harold, an actor from the popular soap opera Eastenders, Nick Pickard from Hollyoaks, and the well-known Youtuber Nella Rose. The participation of these individuals in the show has been officially confirmed.

Former Ukip and Brexit party leader, Farage, has reported being approached multiple times by the ITV program. However, he has declined participation in the past due to the belief that the reality show was "embarrassing".

There were rumors about whether he would appear on the show after he was seen at Brisbane airport in Australia, where the program is recorded. According to MailOnline, he was offered a lot of money to take part, with a speculated amount of £1.5m for his involvement.

It's not uncommon to see ex-politicians on television programs, including reality shows. In the previous season, the jungle welcomed former health secretary Matt Hancock. He left his government position for violating Covid regulations. It's believed that he received a payment of £320,000 for appearing on the show, and he disclosed that he donated 3% of the amount to charity on the register of MPs' financial interests.

Farage stated that he comprehended why Matt Hancock made the decision. He entered into the situation with his reputation being compromised. Farage had already stood up for a million individuals who experienced account closure following the banking mishap he had previously mentioned, and he had recently triumphed at the TRIC awards. This led to him being at a distinct point in his career.

Regarding the question of his popularity, the person expressed that he anticipates winning public support for participating in challenges, despite facing animosity from many. He believes his dissenting position on Europe was unfairly scrutinized and that he became a target. However, he wishes that those who dislike him may have a change of heart after watching him on the show, although it's uncertain whether this will happen.

Several politicians have appeared on the show as well, including Nadine Dorries who was reprimanded by the parliamentary standards committee for not revealing her payment for her 2012 appearance. Edwina Currie, who took part in 2014, and Stanley Johnson, Boris Johnson's dad, who was on the show in 2017, have also participated.

According to Grace Dent, a critic who specializes in restaurants and author of the book, Comfort Eating, the thing that frightens her the most are individuals who are unpleasant. She further explained that a feeling of intense unease was permeating her entire being.

I'm particularly anxious about getting very hungry during my time in the jungle. This is because I usually indulge in four to five fancy meals at restaurants each week, given that I am a restaurant critic. I am aware that I will be required to try new foods in the jungle, and I am extremely apprehensive about this as it may be worse than anything I have eaten in posh restaurants in the past. When I finish the show, I anticipate writing very formal articles about the food I experienced in the jungle.

Ant and Dec will be presenting the upcoming series, which is scheduled to kick off on the 19th of November at 9 pm sharp. The show will air on ITV, so be sure to tune in!

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