I'm A Celebrity 2023: This year's line-up from Nigel Farage to Nella Rose

Nigel Farage

This year's lineup for I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here includes Nigel Farage, a politician, and Nella Rose, a social media star.

Nigel Farage - Figure 1
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On the program, Jamie Lynn, the sister of Britney Spears, and Josie Gibson, the presenter of This Morning, will also be appearing.

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly will support the famous personalities as they compete to become the ruler of the jungle.

The show on ITV is coming back on November 19th which is a Sunday.

This is the complete roster of participants:

As a guest judge on MasterChef and a restaurant critic for The Guardian, Grace Dent might not be satisfied with the food quality at the camp compared to her usual expectations.

In 2012, Dent expressed his disapproval of I'm a Celebrity by calling it a "childish attempt to showcase people suffering from extreme hunger, struggling with bowel movement on camera, and engaging in the mistreatment of animals". However, he did confess that he usually tunes in to watch nevertheless.

The individual who evaluates food and has also authored books and runs their own podcast, expresses concern regarding the meals she will be provided while in the campground. She is particularly anxious about the possibility of feeling very famished since her typical routine involves consuming four to five dishes at restaurants each week.

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The ex-leader of Ukip and Brexit Party will imitate the actions of former health secretary Matt Hancock, who participated in many Bushtucker trials after the public voted for him last year.

Farage has confirmed that he is thinking about an offer for a show. He said that this would be a big decision for him and that it's not something he would typically do.

Before his appearance, he shared that he aimed to display to the audience that he is not someone who is unkind, petty, or unpleasant.

He expressed his desire that those who hold resentment towards him would feel a lesser degree of animosity towards him after hearing his words. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that it is a gamble.

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People who love This Morning, the daytime TV show on ITV, might know Josie Gibson. She works as one of the hosts on the programme and is famous for it.

She made an appearance on Holly Willoughby's show after Phillip Schofield left as co-host.

Gibson rose to stardom after emerging victorious on the reality TV show, Big Brother, back in 2010. Her charm and likability quickly won over the hearts of many of the program's viewers.

When Josie was asked if she would want to become the Queen of the Jungle, she clarified that her focus was on striving to obtain as many stars as she could for her fellow campmates.

Danielle Harold, a former star of the TV series EastEnders, gained recognition for her portrayal of Lola Pearce-Brown, a character who passed away due to a tumor in the brain. Her acting skills were highly commended, which led to her winning the prize for the best performance in a soap opera at the National Television Awards in 2021.

The female performer has exposed that she hasn't been camping for long and her initial experience "wasn't successful." Moreover, she's praying that her ex-EastEnders colleagues won't choose her to handle any challenging tasks.

"When they discover that I am indulging in this activity, they will absolutely adore it," she remarked.

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Back in 2008, Marvin Humes commenced his professional journey by participating in The X Factor talent show. He secured the second spot in the competition as a member of the boyband, JLS.

The musical team achieved great fame on the charts, as they had five singles that reached the number one spot, including the smash hit titled Beat Again. At the moment, the band is on a tour showcasing their most popular songs.

Humes performed in the TV show Holby City, and hosted on both This Morning from ITV and The Hit List from BBC One, along with his partner Rochelle, who was previously a member of the all-girl group The Saturdays.

According to him, he has been desiring to participate in I'm A Celeb for many years now and he eagerly accepted the offer to appear on the show when the producers contacted him this year.

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Nick Pickard, who is an actor, has been performing the character of Tony Hutchinson in Hollyoaks, a soap opera on Channel 4, ever since the show's premiere 25 years ago.

The performer expressed his strong will to "fully accept and adapt" to all that's involved in being on I'm A Celeb. He also disclosed that he's been adhering to a rigorous health routine to get ready for it.

"I haven't consumed any alcohol in five weeks," he stated. "I was already participating in the abstaining from drinking during October challenge, and have successfully maintained it since then. However, I anticipate that it will be challenging for me in terms of dietary restrictions."

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Nella Rose, a well-known figure in social media, has amassed a huge following of over a million people on TikTok, as well as attracting around 900,000 followers on Instagram and almost 800,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The people in charge of the show are probably wishing that she can assist in captivating the attention of the younger viewers.

The person who creates videos for YouTube says they will lead a daily Zumba session in the campsite, and their duty is to maintain a positive and amusing atmosphere.

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He has appeared on other TV shows such as Gordon, Gino and Fred's Great Christmas Roast on ITV, where he joined Gordon Ramsay and Gino D'Acampo. Additionally, he also appeared on Channel 4's Gogglebox.

Sirieix shared his approach to training, revealing that he hits the gym, boxing, and pushes himself to his limits. He likened his training methods to operating like a machine, which helps him prepare not just physically, but mentally, for the rigors of competing on I'm A Celebrity. Unlike a short sprint, Sirieix recognizes that the show is a long game and requires endurance to succeed.

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Jamie Lynn Spears, an actress, is the sibling of singer Britney. She has made appearances on various TV shows, such as the Netflix series, Sweet Magnolias.

Britney, who published an autobiography in October, was placed under a questionable legal guardianship run by her father, Jamie, which created a lot of debate.

The actress from Zoey 101 is nervous about confronting her phobias in the program.

She revealed that she has been scared of everything that she has witnessed and feels anxious about every single challenge that lies ahead.

I haven't encountered any of them and deemed, 'Wow, I can perform that particular task'. This is quite alarming and daunting for me.

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Sam Thompson previously appeared on the E4 reality series called Made In Chelsea. He was a mainstay on the show for almost 10 years until 2021.

Additionally, he appeared on a Channel 4 program called "Sam Thompson: Is This ADHD?". He also works as a presenter on Hits Radio and collaborates on a podcast called "The Morning After" which discusses Love Island.

The celebrity from television expressed his eagerness to encounter his role models, Ant & Dec.

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