GB News Delivers “Don’t Kill Cash” Petition to Downing Street

Nigel Farage

GB News has presented the "Do Not Eliminate Physical Currency" petition to the official residence of the British Prime Minister, located in Downing Street.

GB News hosts gathered at Downing Street today to hand over a petition linked to their "preserve cash" movement. The petition, with nearly 300,000 signatures, urges the government to safeguard the position of physical money. Without a doubt, Ofcom will have some comments on this matter.

UPDATE: The Treasury's Economic Secretary, Andrew Griffith, has issued a response:

GB News is absolutely correct – having the ability to use cash is extremely valuable to a lot of people. Preserving this choice is something we are adamant about. No one should have to endure long journeys just to withdraw a small amount of money for a birthday card, and businesses shouldn't have to travel great distances to deposit their cash earnings. That's why we are taking action immediately to safeguard access to cash through legislation, ensuring that withdrawals can be made without any additional fees, and that cash facilities are easily accessible within a reasonable proximity.

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