DON'T KILL CASH! GB News unveils giant piggy bank outside Parliament as Jeremy Hunt told to take action

Nigel Farage

The government is facing increasing pressure to safeguard our tangible money, as GB News has just revealed a colossal blow-up piggy bank right outside Parliament today. This inflatable piggy bank boldly proclaims: "Preserve the Use of Physical Currency".

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The People's Channel is currently implementing additional measures to urge the Government to safeguard the position of physical money as legitimate currency and as a commonly recognized method of transaction within the United Kingdom until the year 2050 at the very least.

Later today, Nigel Farage, along with his colleagues from GB News including Bev Turner, Michelle Dewberry, Patrick Christys, and Liam Halligan, the Economics and Business Editor, will gather to present a letter to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt. This letter represents the voice of more than 270,000 viewers and listeners who have united in support of our Don't Kill Cash initiative.

Our plea has been quickly attracting attention as GB News persistently battles to safeguard vulnerable British citizens who depend on physical currency and are being neglected.


The People's Channel is currently making additional efforts to urge the Government to safeguard the position of physical money as valid currency and as a commonly used method of transaction in the UK until at least the year 2050.

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This campaign is being opposed by many authoritative figures who do not wish for it to gain attention. This, in itself, is why we are bringing attention to it. We understand that it is crucial to continuously emphasize the importance of keeping cash as a recognized and accepted form of payment, in order to ensure that politicians and regulators remain aware of this necessity.

The enormous money jar will continue to stand in front of the Parliament building throughout the day in order to draw attention to the important message.

Following communication from British citizens, the channel received complaints regarding the negative impact that the rapid transition towards a cashless society could potentially bring upon a significant portion of the population.

In the UK, cash is still being heavily used by over five million grown-ups and accounts for approximately six billion transactions annually. However, there are influential groups advocating for the complete eradication of cash in favor of debit and credit cards as well as other digital payment methods.

In the UK, cash remains the primary payment method for over five million grown-ups. It continues to be utilized in a staggering number of six billion transactions annually.

As Apple and Google Pay gain popularity, individuals who heavily depend on cash, especially the elderly and vulnerable, are becoming more excluded due to the unstoppable advancement of technology.

GB News has provided a platform for people, companies, and nonprofit organizations to express their opinions on the importance of preserving our ability to utilize physical currency for many years into the future.

It has received support from Members of Parliament representing various political views and even trade union leader Mick Lynch.

Currently, over 280,000 individuals have appended their signatures to the petition.

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