Don’t Kill Cash: GB News delivers letter to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt

Nigel Farage

Presenters from GB News have handed over a letter to the Chancellor's office at Number 11 Downing Street. In the letter, they appeal to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, emphasizing the importance of having the "independence to utilize our money as we please, at our own convenience."

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Nigel Farage was accompanied by Bev Turner, Michelle Dewberry, Patrick Christys, and Liam Halligan to persistently advocate for measures on behalf of nearly 300,000 GB News viewers and listeners who have affixed their names to the Don’t Destroy Currency petition.

The campaign called "Don't Kill Cash" by GB News urges the government to pass laws that safeguard the position of cash as a legally recognized and extensively used method of payment in the United Kingdom until at least the year 2050.

In the correspondence, Hunt was informed that numerous individuals, including a significant number of elderly and susceptible members of our community, confront the alarming possibility of being deprived of essential amenities and retail establishments.


"We all recognize the importance of change, but we are concerned that if technology advances rapidly and rushes towards a cash-free society, people might feel dangerously left behind."

"Our initiative has gained support from Members of Parliament spanning across various political affiliations, reputable charitable organizations, labor unions, and notably, the citizens of the United Kingdom."

Over five million grown-ups in the UK still depend on physical currency, with this method of payment being utilized for a staggering six billion transactions annually.

During her address near Downing Street, GB News anchor Michelle Dewbury emphasized that the essence of the campaign revolves around granting individuals the freedom to decide between using their credit/debit card or physical currency for payments.

She mentioned that for certain individuals, money serves as a means for managing their expenses. The speaker expressed, "In this period of financial struggle, it becomes effortless to lose control over your finances when relying solely on digital transactions."

Many individuals are not fortunate enough to possess such a privilege of having a considerable amount of money stored in their bank accounts. They need to keep their money physically accessible in order to visually track their expenses, ensuring they are aware of the exact amount they possess, the amount they are spending, and the remaining balance.

GB News revealed a colossal money jar in front of Parliament today as the Government faces increasing demands to safeguard at-risk individuals in the UK who depend on physical currency.

According to Liam Halligan, the Economics and Business Editor at GB News, it is evident that there are more than a million households in our nation who lack a bank account and do not possess debit cards.

We are aware that a significant number of British citizens, totaling five million, depend on cash for their everyday essential requirements. Additionally, numerous stores are increasingly reluctant to accept cash due to the expenses associated with handling physical currency.

MPs from all political parties have shown their support for the Don’t Kill Cash campaign.

According to Ron Delnevo, the individual leading the campaign committee for the Payment Choice Alliance, cash serves as a crucial support system for numerous individuals residing in the United Kingdom.

He further stated that a significant number of individuals discover that having physical money aids them in effectively handling their financial plans.

He stated: "Physical currency enables the general population - every single one of us - to effectively handle our individual financial matters. When you utilize the £20 note in your purse, you are fully aware of the exact item or service you have purchased and the precise amount it has depleted from your funds."

Bridget Phillipson, the official responsible for education matters in the shadows, expressed her concerns regarding this issue on GB News. She revealed that numerous individuals from her district reached out to her, voicing their worries about the consequences. Particularly, she emphasized the significance of ensuring that senior citizens can continue to avail themselves of physical currency.

GB News revealed a colossal savings jar outside the Parliament premises as a component of the Don't Eliminate Physical Currency initiative.

Therefore, in my opinion, the key is finding the right equilibrium. Undoubtedly, utilizing contactless or card payments is convenient and uncomplicated for numerous individuals. However, I am aware that many people, particularly those with limited finances or older citizens, prefer to retain the choice of paying with cash and having access to it. As bank branches continue to shut down in our town centers, it is becoming increasingly challenging for people to obtain cash. Therefore, it is imperative that we safeguard this access by maintaining cash machines.

Mick Lynch, leader of the RMT union, also voiced his backing for the initiative, stating to GB News that it becomes increasingly challenging for individuals with tight finances, such as those who rely on cash to manage their weekly and monthly expenses.

When you allocate a set sum of money and manage your expenses accordingly, you gain a certain degree of authority over your life.

"And if you're solely depending on credit cards or contactless payment methods, you can swiftly lose grip on managing your own life."

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