Late Calvert-Lewin penalty earns point for Everton

Newcastle vs Everton

Prior to his goal in the match against Chelsea, it had been a while since Dominic Calvert-Lewin had scored a goal for Everton. In fact, his previous goal was on 29 October during a game against West Ham where he scored the only goal in a 1-0 victory.

Everton secured an essential point in their struggle to prevent relegation by tying with Newcastle, with Dominic Calvert-Lewin scoring a crucial penalty towards the end of the game. Newcastle, on the other hand, had their sights set on European competition.

In the 15th minute of the match, Alexander Isak managed to score the first goal for the home team. He received the ball from Harvey Barnes, which had gone over the opposing team's defence. He then made a skilled move to dodge Jarrad Branthwaite and scored effortlessly, leaving Jordan Pickford with little chance to defend the goal.

Dan Burn scored a goal that was not counted as he was offside. Isak tried to score another goal but it was stopped by someone on the opposing team who blocked it from crossing the line. Eventually, the other team was given a chance to score as Paul Dummett grabbed Ashley Young's neck and pulled him down.

The referee of the match, Tony Harrington, initially did not award a penalty. However, he was instructed by the video assistant referee to review the incident on a monitor located on the side of the field. After examining the footage, the penalty was subsequently awarded.

Eddie Howe, the manager of Newcastle, expressed no objections regarding the verdict and stated that the elevation of Paul's arm around Ashley's throat was what caused the decision to sway.

At the same time, Sean Dyche, who is the manager of Everton, expressed his confusion as to why the penalty was not given more promptly.

Dyche expressed confusion over the need for the repeated viewings of the goal incident. Upon reviewing it himself, he believed the decision to award the goal should have been made without delay. The football manager also expressed hopes that the goal would provide a significant boost in confidence for Calvert-Lewin.

"I really wanted Dom to score and I'm happy that he did. Sometimes getting an early goal through a penalty can shift the momentum in your favour. Both Dom and Beto have been putting in a lot of effort, as we have high expectations of them."

Everton's Unwanted Record Despite Earned Point

Although Everton remained in 16th place in the Premier League, they managed to increase their lead to four points above Luton Town, who currently hold the 18th spot. Luton Town will be playing against Arsenal on Wednesday, so Everton has a bit of breathing room for now.

Even though the game ended in a tie, it brought a negative outcome for Everton, as they have now gone 13 consecutive matches without a victory in the Premier League, which is a record the club did not want to have.

The Toffees haven't been victorious in a league game since a 2-0 win over Burnley on the 16th of December. This latest draw means that they have gone 12 games without a win in the Premier League, surpassing their previous run back in August to October of 1994 when they failed to win in 12 consecutive matches under the management of Mike Walker.

Newcastle is currently in eighth position, one point behind West Ham who drew at home against Tottenham in a 1-1 scoreline. The Magpies have one more game left to play compared to West Ham.

If the FA Cup is won by a certain team, coming in seventh place might secure a spot in Europe. This would give Newcastle something to hold onto after a challenging season, especially since they experienced success last year by finishing in fourth place, qualifying for the Champions League, and making it to the Carabao Cup final.

Newcastle's Missed Chance

On Saturday, Newcastle made an impressive comeback to win 4-3 against West Ham after trailing 3-1. This victory was a great boost for the team and their morale at St James' Park. However, they may feel disappointed that they were unable to maintain the positive momentum.

The home team almost scored in the first two minutes, but the Everton goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford, who used to play for Sunderland and was heavily jeered by the opposing fans, made an excellent stop to deflect Harvey Barnes' shot.

Although Pickford tried his best, Isak ended up scoring his 19th goal for Newcastle in all competitions just 13 minutes later with a powerful strike. However, Pickford did manage to make two impressive saves, first by blocking Murphy's attempt at a volley and then by acrobatically tipping over a powerful shot from Isak.

During the second half of the game, opportunities arose for both teams, and Joe Garner, who had just been substituted for Everton, almost scored a goal within six minutes of entering the game but unfortunately hit the post.

Newcastle's team believed they had scored their second goal when they quickly took a free-kick to release Isak. He then passed the ball to Burn who successfully scored. However, their excited celebration was cut short after a video assistant referee review discovered Isak was slightly offside, resulting in the goal being disallowed.

The team's inability to secure a definite victory ended up being a mistake, as Dummett's unnecessary foul provided Everton and Calvert-Lewin with an opportunity to equalize, which they indeed did, with Calvert-Lewin scoring his first goal in 24 games.

After winning against Burnley right before the holiday season, the Toffees' opponents, Sean Dyche's team, have been defeated in the league games versus Tottenham, Manchester City (twice), Wolves, West Ham, Manchester United, and Bournemouth. They also had ties with Aston Villa, Fulham, Tottenham, Crystal Palace, Brighton, and most recently, Newcastle.

The Everton football team has suffered a loss streak in the top-flight league, which has only been surpassed once in their history. This occurred back in 1937, when they went 14 games without a single win from March to September. Their current run of form has put them at risk of repeating this unfortunate record, and they will need to beat Burnley on 6 April in order to avoid making history once again.

Rewrite: The Best Player of the Game

On average, the number is 7.54.

Number 39 is the squad position of a player known as Bruno Guimarães.

Player Name: S Longstaff Squad Number: 36

Jersey number 21 belongs to the football player named André Gomes.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the player on our team who wears the number 28, Youssef Chermiti.

The game has come to a close with a final score of Newcastle United 1 and Everton 1.

The latter part of the soccer match between Newcastle United and Everton has concluded, with both teams scoring one goal each.

Paul Dummett from Newcastle United just missed his header from the center of the box to the left. Fabian Schär helped him with a cross during a set piece situation.

Dwight McNeil (Everton) receives a cautionary yellow card due to a reckless challenge.

In the attacking zone, Bruno Guimarães (of Newcastle United) has earned a free kick.

Dwight McNeil (Everton) committed a violation.

The referee gave Youssef Chermiti from Everton a yellow card because he committed a foul that was not acceptable.

Newcastle United's Fabian Schär has been awarded a free kick on the right side of the field.

Youssef Chermiti (Everton) committed a violation.

Youssef Chermiti gave away a corner to Newcastle United.

The effort was denied. Fabian Schär, who plays for Newcastle United, took a shot with his right foot from beyond the penalty area, but it was stopped by an opposing player. Bruno Guimarães provided assistance.

Blocked attempt. Sean Longstaff from Newcastle United takes a shot with his right foot from a distance but it gets blocked by the opposition. Alexander Isak supported Longstaff in this attempt.

In the defensive area, Martin Dúbravka (player of Newcastle United) obtains a free kick.

Youssef Chermiti (Everton) committed a foul.

The ball went into the corner, where Everton was defending. Dan Burn made a mistake and allowed the opposition to score.

Change, Everton. Ben Godfrey is being exchanged for Séamus Coleman.

The shot taken by Dwight McNeil from the left side of the box for Everton was unsuccessful as the ball went over the goal post. The attempt was supported by Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

Score! Newcastle United and Everton are now tied one to one. Dominic Calvert-Lewin of Everton successfully put the ball into the goal using his right foot, aiming for the lower left corner.

The verdict of the VAR is that Everton will be awarded a penalty.

Paul Dummett (from Newcastle United) gave away a penalty in the penalty area due to his foul.

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