Neil Gaiman denies sexual assault of two young women

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman, a well-known writer who has sold many books, has rejected claims of sexual misconduct made by two women.

In a recent episode of the Tortoise podcast, hosted by Rachel Johnson, the sister of Boris Johnson, two women alleged that Gaiman participated in sadomasochistic activities with them and instructed them to address him as "master".

Gaiman strongly denies the accusations and claims that all interactions with the women – one who briefly worked as the family nanny and another a fan whom he met at a book signing – were consensual.

The woman mentioned that she was employed by Gaiman's former spouse, the musician Amanda Palmer, in 2022 to care for their son.

In the blog post, Scarlett alleged that Gaiman sexually assaulted her shortly after they met for the first time by getting undressed and joining her in the bath. At the time, she was 22 years old and he was 61.

Gaiman described the situation as simply hugging and kissing, and emphasized that he had obtained permission for it.

In another instance, Scarlett claimed that the sexual activity between them was extremely painful and forceful, leading her to lose consciousness.

She described the pain as out of this world," she recounted. Scarlett stated that when she pleaded with him to stop, he chuckled and insisted that she needed to be disciplined. He then proceeded to use his belt on her. Gaiman refutes the accusation.

The woman shared that the relationship lasted for an additional month before Gaiman departed New Zealand for the UK.

In that period, she repeatedly messaged him to show that she agreed to engage in sexual activity.

She also said that she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) after she finished working as the nanny for the family.

The next woman, an American identified only as K, was an 18-year-old admirer of Gaiman’s work when she initially encountered him at a book event in Florida back in 2003.

She stayed in touch with him and they started a romantic relationship when she was 22. He was in his 40s at that time.

K claimed that during a visit to Cornwall in 2007, she informed Gaiman that she did not want to have penetrative sex due to a urinary tract infection. However, he proceeded with the act, causing her significant pain and distress. Gaiman denied the accusation, stating that it is not true.

She stayed in touch with Gaiman after their breakup in 2008 and explained on a podcast that as she got older, she realized how young 18 and 20-year-olds look when you're in your 40s. She also mentioned that as the #MeToo movement evolved, it made her realize that something similar had happened to her.

K did not inform the authorities about Gaiman.

Scarlett passed away in October 2022, which was eight months after her short relationship with the author came to an end.

The New Zealand authorities chose not to proceed with an inquiry and did not speak with Gaiman, even though he mentioned on the Tortoise podcast that he had offered to have a meeting with the police officers.

The Tortoise inquiry started when Scarlett contacted Ms. Johnson on Instagram and shared her side of the story.

Tortoise stated that the investigation focused on the most ambiguous aspects of our sexual experiences - the area where there is potential for misunderstanding, but also the risk of serious harm.

The famous writer, aged 63, is well-known around the world for his books such as The Sandman, American Gods, and Good Omens, along with other beloved works for kids. His stories have been turned into movies and TV shows.

In 2022, he and Palmer revealed that they were no longer together. Before this, they had mentioned that they were in an open relationship.

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