Mother’s Day 2024: Top 11 Fun Facts You Need to Know and Share

Mother's Day 2024

Mother's Day is a special occasion held in high esteem to appreciate the dedication of mothers and their unending affection. Although the precise date may fluctuate depending on the country, it is frequently observed on the second Sunday of May around the world, including India.

There is a great variety of Mother's Day customs in different cultures. In lots of nations, kids offer their moms presents, blooms, or greetings cards. A few households opt to stay together throughout the day, relishing a unique feast or partaking in activities that their moms delight in.

Mother's Day: A Brief History

Mother's Day has its roots in 19th century America, where Anna Jarvis, a social advocate, aimed to establish a distinctive day to commemorate her mother. Her mother had spent her life nurturing and taking care of children and others.

Although Jarvis was disappointed by the commercialization of the holiday in its later years, the underlying emotion of showing appreciation for mothers still stands.

According to, Mother's Day in the United States was established by Anna Jarvis in 1908. It was designated as an official holiday in 1914. However, Jarvis grew unhappy with the commercialization of the holiday and spent a significant amount of time trying to get it removed from the calendar. Typically, Mother's Day includes the tradition of giving mothers flowers, cards, and other presents, although the specific dates and ways of celebrations may differ.

The occasion of Mother's Day is an opportunity to honor the incredible matriarchs, stepmothers, grannies, and other maternal figures who play significant roles in our existence. However, are you aware that this special day is not solely about eating brunch and presenting bouquets?

Check out these 15 interesting facts that you can use to amaze your mom on Mother's Day.

Fun Mother's Day 2024 Facts: 11 To Know

Mother's Day serves as a prompt to recall the significant influence that mothers have in our lives. This particular day brings with it an opportunity to consider the challenges they have overcome, to demonstrate our affection and gratefulness and to forge indelible experiences with them.

Are you curious to know about Mother's Day 2024 in the United States of America? Discover the date and its importance, and find out if it's regarded as a national holiday.

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