Modern Family cast accidentally spark huge concern with reunion photo

Modern Family

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The group of actors from Modern Family posted a photo of their reunion that has unexpectedly sparked significant concern among the program's followers.

Modern Family, the American television comedy series, drew to a close in 2020 after entertaining audiences for 11 seasons. However, the cast members of the show have managed to maintain their friendships ever since the cameras stopped rolling.

Sofia Vergara and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who portrayed Gloria Delgado and Mitchell Pritchett in a popular TV show, posted a bunch of photos on Instagram to showcase their "almost flawless" reunion. This happened on Wednesday, 15th November.

In the photos, you could spot the actors who play characters in the TV show, including Julie Bowen, who plays Claire Dunphy, Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron Tucker, Ed O’Neil, who portrays Jay Pritchett, Sarah Hyland, who portrays Haley Dunphy, Ariel Winter, who acts as Alex Dunphy, Nolan Gould, who portrays Luke Dunphy, Rico Rodriguez, who acts as Manny Delgado, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays the now grown up character, Lily Tucker-Pritchett.

Although Phil Dunphy's actor, Ty Burrell, did not attend, his nonattendance was acknowledged through a picture of him being displayed in a frame held by his on-screen kids.

On Instagram, Ferguson wrote that their reunion was almost flawless, but they regretted that Ty was not with them. To remedy this, they placed a lovely picture of him in his absentia. Vergara shared a video of the photograph sitting on her mantelpiece accompanied by the statement "We long for your presence, Ty!"

People who viewed the photos were briefly surprised and felt unhappy to think that Burrell had passed away. There were many worried comments on Vergara’s and Ferguson’s posts, and other people had to explain that Burrell is still alive.

A fan expressed their worry by writing, "This made me believe that he had passed away and my reaction was one of panic." Another fan added, "I beg of you, do not do this again. I believed he had passed away."

A different individual left a remark saying: "I felt the need to confirm on Google that he is still alive."

In this blog post, we see Jesse Tyler Ferguson taking a picture with a photo of Ty Burrell.

Before shooting the last season in 2019, Steven Levitan, the co-creator of the sitcom, posted a picture of the cast redoing a snapshot they took during the first season filming. Levitan wrote, "We snapped the initial cast pic outdoors during our initial #modernfamily script read, a decade ago. Today, the finale starts."

Although Modern Family experienced a decrease in viewership during its later seasons, it always maintained a spot in ABC's top five scripted series.

The way it showed families made up of different parents and same-sex couples was seen as a new way of presenting comedic stories about home life.

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