Search underway for This Morning star Dr Michael Mosley missing on Greek island

Michael Mosley

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Michael Mosley, a medical expert and writer, has reportedly disappeared while vacationing on a Greek island, according to his representative.

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Emergency services are currently conducting a search and rescue mission in Symi, which is part of the Dodecanese Islands. This is due to a 67-year-old individual who did not come back from a walk they took on Wednesday.

There was a message shared on a Facebook group in the area with a photo of a medical professional. The message stated that the guy had left from St. Nick's around 1:30 pm to go back home but hasn't made it back. His friends are worried because it's already been six hours since they last saw him.

Many British people know the person named Dr Mike Mosley quite well.

Dr. Mosley, recognized for his TV appearances on The One Show and This Morning, was reportedly vacationing with his spouse, Dr. Clare Bailey, when she alerted the authorities.

Moreover, he writes articles for the Daily Mail, and has produced various films about nutrition and physical activity.

Dr Mosley's Path Targeted In Search And Rescue Mission

According to the MailOnline, rescue officials were initially concentrating on the stretch of the route linking the Ayios Nikolaos shore to Pedi, but are now broadening their hunt as a considerable amount of time has passed.

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Photo The Independent

At the moment, a high-ranking police official informed them that there are four law enforcement officers, eight firefighters, one unmanned aerial vehicle, and seven individuals volunteering for the task.

Holly Evans posted on June 6, 2024 at 1:43 PM.

"Facebook Post Seeks Info"

A public Facebook group in Symi requested for assistance and shared an image of Dr Mosley dressed in shorts, a blue polo shirt, a cap, and shades.

Did you catch sight of this guy? He left St Nick's at approximately 1:30 PM on foot but didn't arrive home.

His buddies are worried as they haven't caught sight of him in the past 6 hours.

Dr Mike Mosley is a well-known figure among a lot of UK citizens as he has made frequent appearances on the BBC.

On Thursday morning, an announcement was made that a rescue team from the city of Athens, equipped with advanced tools, would be arriving at the site by 1pm according to the latest update.

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Where's Symi, The Greek Island?

Symi, an island in Greece, belongs to the Dodecanese island cluster situated near Rhodes. According to the census conducted in the year 2011, the island was inhabited by 2,590 people.

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This island is famous for its beautiful beaches and the stunning harbor located at Symi Town. It is renowned for being one of the most picturesque islands in the area.

Although there is no direct link between Symi and the UK, visitors can go to Rhodes and catch a ferry to reach Symi.

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Who's Dr. Michael Mosley?

Dr. Michael Mosley, a person who has been working for the BBC since 1985, is a television journalist, producer, and presenter.

He frequently appears on The One Show and This Morning, and has hosted shows discussing the fields of medicine and biology.

He is acknowledged as the reason behind the increasing fame of the 5:2 diet plan, which comprises of abstaining from food for a couple of days every week as a means to shed some pounds.

In addition, Mosley writes articles for the Daily Mail and has produced several films about diet and physical activity as part of his documentary work.

The 67-year-old TV presenter appeared on the Channel 4 production entitled Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat? and was involved in the BBC program called Trust Me, I'm A Doctor.

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Photo The Independent

He also had tapeworms residing in his intestines for a duration of six weeks while creating the documentary Infested! Living With Parasites for broadcasting on BBC Four.

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Dr. Michael Mosley, Morning Star, Missing On Greek Island

According to his representative, Dr. Michael Mosley is currently unaccounted for on a Greek island.

Famous for his appearances on TV shows such as This Morning and The One Show, it has been reported that he did not come back from a hiking trip.

On a nearby Facebook gathering, someone asked for help: "Did you happen to observe this man? He started walking back from St Nick's around 1:30 PM but hasn't arrived home yet. His companions are anxious because it's been 6 hours since they last encountered him."

Many people in Britain know Dr Mike Mosley very well as he is a recognizable figure to them.

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